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Paul McGregor

Founder of MFM, and short course lecturer at The London College of Fashion teaching all things marketing. Read my personal blog here.

  • Calvin Harris Before & After – The Transformation

    Calvin Harris Before & After – The Transformation

    Most musicians, actors and men in the public eye will go through a reinvention of how they look. Look back through the archives of David Beckham's style, Justin Timberlake's, even Dermot O'Leary and you'll see the changes they've made to their physical appearance throughout the years. Someone who caught my eye recently (and many other…

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  • 3 Simple Shirt and Tie Combinations

    3 Simple Shirt and Tie Combinations

    When dressing formally the choice of shirt and tie is often overlooked. Of course choosing the suit, focusing on the fit of the suit and even your choice of shoes take the forefront of your attention, but choosing a poor shirt and tie combination can undo a lot of that hard work. In today's feature we're…

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  • How To Roll Your Shirt Sleeves

    How To Roll Your Shirt Sleeves

    Sounds like a pretty basic skill right? Every man knows how to roll their sleeves. We thought that too until we saw the the amount of daily searches it gets online. You see there isn't just one way to roll your shirt sleeves and we wanted to highlight 4 simple but stylish folds. * Neat…

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  • Groom Attire – What To Wear To Your Wedding

    Groom Attire – What To Wear To Your Wedding

    So you have your wedding coming up? Congratulations. With the majority of the emphasis being put on what your Bride is wearing it's often easy to neglect your attire. But you want to look the best you possibly can too right? Choosing what the groom should wear at first glance should be easy, a suit…

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  • 23 Habits Of A Stylish Man

    23 Habits Of A Stylish Man

    When being stylish is something you do effortlessly, it means you've reached a level of mastery. No man (even if they claim it) is born stylish. As with anything it's something you become. But what are the habits stylish men adhere too? Here are the 23 habits of a stylish man, how many have you…

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  • 5 Changes That Transform Your Style

    5 Changes That Transform Your Style

    This post was originally published on Paul's Blog. One thing I learnt about style is we often overcomplicate it. It took me a good few years to really get my style to a point I was happy with it. I made mistakes, bought the wrong things and often tried to emulate the wrong people. When…

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  • Joseph Open Savile Row Store

    Joseph Open Savile Row Store

    After the successful launch of JOSEPH menswear back in 2013, the brand are proud to announce the opening of their first standalone menswear store. It's a significant moment for the brand, who's menswear collection goes from strength to strength each season. Not only does the first standalone menswear store signal a bright future for the…

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  • Introducing The New Ralph Lauren RL Automotive Timepieces

    Introducing The New Ralph Lauren RL Automotive Timepieces

    At MFM we're big fans of watches and the elegance they bring, and we're always on the hunt for new timepieces to showcase. Ralph Lauren are a key brand in the watch marketplace, and they're expanding their Automotive collection with five new watches. The inspiration for the collection comes from Ralph Lauren's own 1938 Bugatti…

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  • Evening Skincare Grooming Routine For Men

    Evening Skincare Grooming Routine For Men

    As we always point out paying attention to your grooming routine is extremely important. But it's often something that can be quite daunting, especially if you've never touched a moisturiser before. One of the most important elements to grooming is skincare alongside your evening routine, so we decided to combine them into a feature giving…

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  • How To Style The Quiff Hairstyle

    How To Style The Quiff Hairstyle

    Every time we put out a hair article it always gets a good response, so today we wanted to focus solely on a timeless, classic cut... the quiff. What should you ask for and how do you style it? We've got it all covered in todays feature. The Quiff Hairstyle Since the 1950's the quiff…

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