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Paul McGregor

Founder of MFM, and short course lecturer at The London College of Fashion teaching all things marketing. Read my personal blog here.

  • 3 Ways To Wear A Blazer

    3 Ways To Wear A Blazer

    If there’s one item every man needs to own in their wardrobe... it’s the blazer. Why? A well fitted blazer can dramatically change the formality of any outfit. Think about it... a white t-shirt, dark denim jeans and Chelsea boots is an outfit that appears more casual than formal. But the simple addition of a…

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  • How To Shop Men’s Clothing On eBay (For Cheap)

    How To Shop Men’s Clothing On eBay (For Cheap)

    You've obviously heard of eBay, but how do you use it to your advantage? In this video I walk you through how to shop men's clothing on eBay for cheaper than you'd pay at retail price. We’ve all heard of eBay before, but how do we use it to our advantage? Yes, it’s the place…

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  • 10,000 Subscribers Giveaway…

    10,000 Subscribers Giveaway…

    Wow, 10,000 subscribers. It's not a lot in comparison to some of the 'elite' YouTubers but the growth over the past month has been phenomenal. To celebrate, I wanted to run a giveaway... Giving away over £500 worth of goodies to just one lucky subscriber. IMPORTANT: This page has only been shared with you... my…

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  • 12 Things Men Should NEVER Wear

    12 Things Men Should NEVER Wear

    So is it acceptable to wear slogan T-shirts or lavish logos? What about those square-toed shoes? If you look through some old photos of how you used to dress I'm sure you've made some terrible style choices before, but what's the worst thing you've ever worn? Don't worry, you're not alone... I've worn some terrible clothing…

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  • Socks Or No Socks? The Debate.

    Socks Or No Socks? The Debate.

    So let's start a debate (I want you to get involved in the comments below). Socks, or no socks? This topic is easily the most debated subject on the MFM's Facebook page but in this post today I wanted to share my personal opinion alongside giving you a platform to give yours as well. I'll also…

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  • How To Dress Better… Faster

    How To Dress Better… Faster

    Are you a man who wants to look good but doesn't want to spend hours in the mirror? I know I am. I like to take pride in the way I dress, the way I look and how I come across but I don't want to spend hours getting ready. I can remember the times…

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  • What I Packed For A Short Trip To Dubai

    What I Packed For A Short Trip To Dubai

    So I recently got invited out to Dubai to speak on a panel at Fashion Forward. As always it was a truly amazing experience (one I'm very grateful for) and I wanted to create a quick video to document what I'd packed for the trip. As it was Fashion Forward (Dubai's fashion week) and I…

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  • What Watch Should You Choose?

    What Watch Should You Choose?

    If you're looking to buy a new watch, where do you start? With plenty of videos and articles already out there, which cover the theory behind what makes a good watch, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to show you what style of watch might suit your everyday style. With thousands of watches…

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  • 7 Grooming Mistakes Men Make

    7 Grooming Mistakes Men Make

    What mistakes do men make when it comes to grooming? Having a solid grooming routine is important to look the best you possibly can alongside ageing well. But as men we're often put off by the word 'grooming', daunted by the amount of choice out there alongside thinking it makes them less of a man.…

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  • How To Wear Dress Shoes With Jeans

    How To Wear Dress Shoes With Jeans

    Wearing dress shoes with jeans is a very common look and it bridges that gap between formal and casual. If you're heading to a bar, a casual date or even a casual job interview combining jeans with dress shoes simplifies an outfit but also balances formal with casual. As a man it's important to know…

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