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As a fitness enthusiast, nutritionist and amateur boxer, i've created my own success story. I'm now able to help others lose considerable amounts of weight through user-testing and research. From a humble start in a small welsh-town, i've been a globally recognised creative consultant for the last 6 years.

  • A Marriage Of Style

    A Marriage Of Style

    There is a love affair between Man and machine that Women cannot understand. That love affair, for us; as it does for you, extends to elegant, affordable clothing. Imagine our faces then when we heard that Hackett London, a brand established by Jeremy Hackett and Ashley-Lloyd Jennings in 1979, was teaming up with dream maker…

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  • The Aesthetic Era – Training To Look Good

    The Aesthetic Era – Training To Look Good

    Bodybuilding is dead. The era of lifting weights for competition is coming to an end. Now, more than ever, gym-goers are training purely for aesthetics. They want to look leaner, bigger, stronger and more handsome. So what has brought about this change? What has inspired today's youth to focus on physical appearance, instead of overall…

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  • The Crossfit Craze

    The Crossfit Craze

    What is Crossfit ? …. Don’t worry, you’re not the first person to ask that. I found myself inundated with tweets and emails asking the very same thing just a few months ago. I decided to look into it and try a few of the workouts for myself, and it’s essentially functional movements to give…

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  • Increasing Testosterone Naturally

    Increasing Testosterone Naturally

    There are many myths about Testosterone in Men, and some believe that the hand you're dealt in life is permanent. If you've got low testosterone, it's because there is some biological flaw to the way you're made...... This is not true! I'm here to tell you that there is an answer out there for people…

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  • 3 Steps To A Flatter Stomach

    3 Steps To A Flatter Stomach

    So you've been killing yourself in the gym, and eating nothing but 'Rabbit-food' for the last few months. You're almost there, but you're unhappy with your flabby stomach. What Do You Do? Here at Mens Fashion Magazine, we feel your pain, and we've suffered through that pain to bring you the top 3 tips to…

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  • The Gentlemans Accessory – Playing Cards

    Without a doubt, an item that all men need in their house is a deck of Playing Cards. There is a lot of symbolism in a deck of cards. There are 4 suits to represent the 4 seasons. 13 cards in each suit, to represent the 13 lunar cycles each year, and 52 cards, to…

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  • 5 Exercises To A New You

    We've often heard the line 'minimum effective dose', meaning what's the least amount you can do, to get the most reward. Here at Mens Fashion Magazine, we constantly get emails from people about what they have to do, to transform their physique. I've gone through a selection of these emails, and scoured my gym-repertoire in…

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  • Eat Junk. Lose Weight

    Here at Mens Fashion Magazine, we like to treat you. Everyone deserves a treat once in awhile, and that statement is doubly true for those of us who spend our free time in the gym, working tirelessly to attain the body that compliments our wardrobe choices. It's a hard task. We know that, you know…

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  • How To Gain Will Power

    How To Gain Will Power

    Indulgence is a human characteristic we could all do without. Oscar Wilde once said: " I can deny anything but temptation." When it comes to achieving your individual goals in fitness and weight loss, it's important to deny temptation at every turn Our lack of willpower forces us into a spiral of self-fulfilling prophecy and…

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  • The 5 Supplements You Cant Live Without

    The 5 Supplements You Cant Live Without

    Here at Mens Fashion Magazine, we've decided to get in on the festive season by letting you know the 5 supplements that you need in your stocking this year. If you're serious about your Fitness goals, and you've chosen to maintain your diet instead of eating an entire tin of quality street..... we applaud you.…

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