Strangely, a lot of guys, maybe like yourself, don’t really know the art of layering, so refresh and rethink your approach to building an outfit. It can be a complicated business, and believe us there is a subtle skill to layering and turning out looking great. This is a one stop lesson in laid-back, modern essentials. A tailored coat, a punchy sweater, bold checks, and worker jackets paired with chunky leather boots, these are the winter looks right now.

The outwear: Think about your jacket or coat as the layering goals, and the rest of the outfit will simply become a case of balance, and we’re great believers in keeping it tonal. If you sway to adding too many colours, you lose the look and a bit more like a clown. Green and brown autumn hues are a great way to start, add some neutral colours into the mix and this will keep your look interesting.

You will need two pieces of outerwear, a coat and a jacket.

There are many jackets around that will give you a great look without bulking it up, like chore, worker and utilitary jackets that come with pockets and are lightweight enough that they won’t make you look bulky but will give a smart casual look. Keep your look streamlined with a simple wool or cashmere coat, double breasted or one button, but roomier enough to layer over your clothes underneath. If you want to wear a quilted boxy jacket with a roomier silhouette, this will let you play around with length and create a layered look with an air of nonchalance.

Once you’ve decided on your colour, you can vary the hues to keep it interesting, then think about each component, it’s really not as difficult as it seems, just add textures, like brushed cotton and knitted fabrics. Team your jackets with indigo jeans, white jeans, yes white, the colour is great against autumn tones, and they are great in winter, relaxed trousers, leather shoes or boots or pristine white sneakers, a fave shoe for weekend casual.

You’ll get to know your on point colour palette, simple bold patterns and great if that’s what you want or even one single bright bold colour will give a hint of the 90s aesthetic for you to be brave, bright and balanced. But try to remember there should be one element of neutral in your look, whether black, white or beige will work well with the rest of all other shades.