Amsterdam Shoe Company AW14 Collection

With all this talk of new Autumn/Winter collections the wardrobe seems very exciting, but do not forget that one very important item is out there to keep you warm over the next few months. Perhaps slightly more neglected by the male population, you surely need good shoes to brave the weather outside. After all, no matter how good, warm and stylish you are if your feet are cold – you will definitely feel underdressed.

amsterdam 1

For that reason, the Amsterdam Shoe Company inspired by old Amsterdam with its nautical voyages but also by the new one as a creative magnet of culture and arts has been quite busy. They are introducing several new styles and shapes for this collection with a new selection and combination of material, shapes and outsoles.

amsterdam 2

The all new Wingtip Wedge, for example a leather brogue sitting on an assembled sponge rubber wedge with a rubber sawtooth top layer. It brings quite a modern yet classic look to what we saw previously. The Saddle sneaker is also back in monochromatic colours for another season. This time around in a comfy, warmer version mixing gray leather and wool. The laces also use the monochromatic hues.

amsterdam 3

A new addition to the collection is the Lace Up II, built on a completely new last with a more curved instep – giving it a more casual feel. The first rendition comes with a printed camouflage suede and brings four different hues of green and brown on top of a light EVA outsole. The fourth new style, the Tassel Loafer, brings forward a new wingtip design and lasercut brogueing. Its cousin, the all-black tassel loafer is made with tumbled grey leather whilst also featuring a black welt and black lightweight microrubber outsole for added comfort.

amsterdam 4

These are quite exciting developments in shoe design that show a return of the brogue in a new modern fashion. It also shows a return of leather and suede which are quite common around this time of the year and something I quite enjoy in shoes myself. It just might be a bit of a challenge to try and avoid getting them wet in the current weather.