David O. Russell’s latest contribution to the world of cinema by form of American Hustle has already received seven Golden Globe and ten BAFTA award nominations. The film is based in the late 1970s and is loosely based on the FBI ABSCAM operation. As you well know, here at MFM when we watch films our fashion eyes are alert. So when I sat down to watch American Hustle I was transcended into the fashion world of the 1970s and what captured my attention – among the flares, oversized bow ties and suits – was how we’ve evolved from this universally recognised 70s look. How have we, in the twenty-first century, adopted these patterns and accessories and morphed them around our style today?

hustle 001

In my opinion – and feel free to argue with me in the comments section below – fashion changes but we borrow from previous decades of fashion. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but look to the 50s (the side parting hair style, arguably fashion) is something we’ve brought forward, adopted, changed and are using today. We’ve morphed it to suit us and we continue doing this. To the 70s we look at something more like the patterns and the bow-ties, do we use these today? Yes. Do we use flares and golden colours? No. Because we’ve evolved and it’s that evolution that makes us change what was once used.

hustle 002

With regards to patterns, they’ve become much more popular in the last couple of years. The floral print, for example, boomed its way into the fashion world, quietened down and is now a huge statement to the 21st century look. Even looking at something like patterned jumpers – the extent of Christmas jumpers – show that we, in the 21st century, enjoy ‘loud’ colours – just like the 70s fashion world did – but we’ve ‘quietened down’. The 70s consisted of very extravagant clothes – meaning, trousers were flared, shirts were ruffled. I’m sure our patterned shirts – cheques, stripes, a collage of signs and symbols – will one day be given a similar title but then, of course, the future will adopt our look.

hustle 003

To continue with this ‘evolution’ theory we can look at accessories. 70s fashion spoke volumes when it comes to accessories. Men at that time would wear jewellery and watches to complete their outfits. As you know, accessories are something we feel very strongly about here at MFM and adding accessories does indeed finish an outfit. When we look at the other decades – and the fashion that comes with them – we have to think about how the 70s may have been the decade we borrowed this from. The 50s were quite plain and sophisticated, the 20s similar and so on. But the 70s was all about pushing what it meant to be fashion, it was such a drastic change and one of those changes was this focus on accessories.

hustle 004

So how have we evolved? How has the 70s fashion still stayed important to us? How do we use it? Look below for three looks to show you we continue to do this and shall in 2014.

Look One:

Although a very dark outfit, this look shows that the dickie-bow has not gone away and hasn’t ‘quietened’ at all. It also shows that you can have two patterns against one another with it looking stylish and interesting. This look has been adopted from the dickie-bow shots (above) which capture your attention and bring the outfit to another level. The reddish River Island dickie-bow goes against the patterned shirt in a sly and yet sophisticated way.

geo printed shirtsred bow tieburberry brit jeans

timex steel watchlaced oxford shoesdark brown belt

Look Two:

This look is a classic example of how we’ve adopted the 70s look. Here we have a very ‘in your face’ or ‘loud’ which is the word we’ve used, blazer that  when annotated with darker or ‘quieter’ pieces of clothing can become just as stylish. The floral blazer, surrounded by the black shirt and trousers is a real statement of how we’ve evolved and use the 70s look in our fashion today.

floral blazer printbrad pit shirtvans black mono

brown pie hatwashed skinny chinoscowhide leather belt

Look Three:

This look is all about accessories. This shows that the 70s look – which indeed had a focus on accessories – has been incorporated into our style today. With the Liberty London scarf being at the focus and the jewellery accompanying it, it makes us think: why don’t we wear accessories more in 2014?

aqua blue shirtmid grey scarfbead rope bracelets

swatch gents watchbrass atom ringlight brown chinos



There are many other pieces of clothing that show we’ve evolved and incorporate the 70s look into our style today. So if you think you’re ready to get into the spirit of the newly released American Hustle and embrace it, look below:

stone military shirtnavy denim shirtraz snake joggers

scrap print joggersslimmy coloured jeansleather ankle boots

cashmere sweatercrew neck sweaterdesigner zip jacket

black wool coatblue striped scarfvelvet floral blazer


So now when the credits roll at the end of American Hustle and you’re walking home, you can think what outfit you’re going to put together next. How will you relish this 70s feel and show off your knowledge and acceptance of how we’ve evolved but, most importantly, with an appreciation. As always we love to hear your thoughts, opinions and more so drop us a line in the comment box.