Alan Paine SS14 Collection

Alan Paine’s latest offering sees the classic, but understated, revival of the roll neck jumper. Paine has introduced the Linton Roll Neck Jumpers, which comes in six different colours, and honours their heritage and quality workmanship of the knitwear craft.


Roll neck jumpers have been negatively perceived historically and contemporarily; associated with different characters in the media, ranging from villains to tortured artists finding their way in the world.  However I feel the beauty of the roll neck is its versatility. For instance, a common way of wearing the roll neck is through layering. This can easily be made to look smart by wearing a blazer on top, yet simply wearing it on its own can also give a polished and effortless look. The collection comes in three different fabrics; including the Merino wool which is lightweight and creates a slim fit. The lambswool and cashmere provide an alternative for more colder or formal event.


Alan Paine encompasses British heritage that dates back to the early 1900 and has progressively expanded in range and diversified globally. This fine garment typifies British culture, representative of a diverse span of archetypes from the explorer to the countryman.


Roll necks were embraced in the mod culture and since then have made a small come back in Autumn/Winter 13, but I have feeling they will be fully embraced in 2015.

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