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Adding More Colour to Your Wardrobe

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As cool and dependable as they are, you can’t always wear black and white clothing.

Although many of us throw on a black pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, and a black pair of shoes when we rush out the door, there are other ways to dress simply but still with a bit of spark and liveliness.

So, to avoid your wardrobe being a sea of shades, we think you can add some of these colourful touches and still look effortlessly stylish.

Go Big with Accessories

Perhaps you can’t part with your black and white wardrobe just yet, well, how about some small steps first? The easiest way to pop some colour into your appearance is to use bold accessories that can add a bit of punch.

Whilst we probably wouldn’t recommend anything too neon or garish, something with subtle touches of colour always looks great with common shades.

Colour on watches can be rather hit or miss, but a light brown or dark green leather strap can look really beautiful and eye-catching.

Sunglasses are also an accessory that can make a small statement with a dash of colour. Take these options for example, the red frames are just enough to show that you’ve got some semblance of colour in your wardrobe, but still love to wear basic shades because you feel most comfortable in them.


Go Another Level with T-shirts and Shorts

Feel like something very bold? How about a lobster pink T-shirt? When worn at the right place, right time, then a colorful t-shirt or pair of shorts is exactly what you need for a hot, sunny day.

You can find some good ideas here from Bugatti, so if you’re ready to kick out some black shirts in favour of a bright colour option, then summer really is the best time to get started.

color 2black colour

Furthermore, as trends often come and go, it wouldn’t be surprising if funky 70s-style outfits come back into vogue. Tie-dye could be right around the corner again!

Be Bold with Loud Sneakers

It’s impossible to get more colourful shoes than a collaboration between Nike and rapper Kanye West.

With the introduction of the Nike Air Yeezy 2, these shoes are the very definition of flamboyant and bright. Although these might not be to everyone’s taste, the idea of giving your wardrobe an injection of colour via sneakers is something we’re on board with.

sneakers 44

If you want to make an announcement with your bright new wardrobe, then opting for some coloruful footwear can make an impact.

So there we have it, a few ways to add colour to your outfit.

How do you inject colour when it’s needed?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Renaud

    I use to have a really colouful style when I was younger, like too much actually. Then I calmed down and I started wearing only black, white, navy and grey. But I found it boring. So now I’m reconciliating with colours. But really just touches, like a nice scarf in winter, or colourful trainers in summer.

    Have a nice day.

    xx, much love, Renaud

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