Introducing Ace Marks

Ace Marks is the product of a lifetime of experience in the luxury footwear business. The company was certainly not created on a whim, far from it. In fact, they set out to fix the men’s shoe industry which seems, in recent times, to have found itself in a spot of bother. Pay less for less, or fork out a second mortgage. There has not seemed to be a middle ground for style and cost. Enter Ace Marks. They have hit the ground running and achieved this tricky balance.

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On Your Marks

Not too long ago, 2012 to be precise, the brave old folk at Ace Marks looked at our feet and realized that, as men, we only really had three choices re. dress shoes.

1. Cheap, poorly-made shoes.

2. Those with a slight cosmetic upgrade.

3. Expensive shoes which beg the question, are these made from solid gold?

If you like to look, and feel, good, these aren’t the best choices, are they? So Ace Marks knew what to do. Cut out Mr MiddleMan and his mark-ups and simply deliver a ‘world-class, hand-crafted shoe’ which rivals the luxury brands at an affordable price.

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Ciao, Italia

So off to Italy they went. Chasing leads across the country for shoe extraordinaire. After a long and arduous expedition across the shoe-shaped country, they found a small family-owned factory. The 4th generation artisans supplied the craft and experience to match the company’s sensibility of aesthetics and functionality to create a range of shoes that we now see and love to wear.

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Who, you may ask, are these handcrafted shoes for? In developing a signature combination of colours and materials, Ace Marks target the Modern Gentleman. The reasonably-priced dress shoes are cleverly contemporary with also a traditional guise. This lavish statement of paradoxical style can be worn at 20 or 80, whether you’re landing your first client at the office or, in their words, running a Fortune 500 company.

What Next?

Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes. Just like you, Ace Marks is one of a kind. So many times in the past have we let our style suffer thanks to a dodgy pair of shoes. As we’ve seen, this can be style and price-driven, and for once, it would seem that Fred Flintstone had the right idea… until now! Ace Marks have struck the right balance between style and price, and for that, we tip our hats off to them. But let’s not get into whether you’re a “hat person” or not.

Get on your soon-to-be stylish feet, walk over to a computer and sink your feet into affordable style at: