Accessories every stylish man should have


Being stylish means paying equal attention to the details and the whole outfit. Besides shirts and coats, there are also numerous accessories that every man should have in his wardrobe. Which of them are essential, how to choose the best accessories of the finest quality and how to make yourself look luxurious and stylish with a few items? 


One of the best accessories you can have to complement every outfit is a stylish watch. It’s advised to have one for casual situations and a dress watch. However, if you were to have only one, choose a watch that is universal, timeless and appropriate for every situation. Steel link bracelet is stylish, but rather not suitable for a black-tie occasion. Go for a watch that you will be able to wear with a casual shirt and your suit and tie. Don’t skip this accessory, as it can refresh your whole wardrobe. A watch makes a man look more decent and focused, and as such, attractive, it creates the impression that a man is punctual and professional. Even more, it’s still practical, as it allows you to simply tell the time – it even looks better than reaching for your smartphone. If you don’t feel persuaded yet, check out the Jack Mason Brand article. 


A tie might not be an accessory that you will use on an everyday basis, but you must have it in your wardrobe for special occasions. Even if a black-tie occasion happens once a year, you need to be prepared for dressing up smart. It’s best to have several ties for different situations, in various colors and patterns to match them with every suit. When buying this element of your wardrobe, you should choose high-quality accessories and avoid cheap ties that will make the whole outfit look cheap and sloppy. There is yet another tiny accessory that will make a difference when it comes to your tie – a tie bar. It’s supposed to be rather practical, keeping your tie in place, but it can also look spectacularly stylish.


It would be challenging to find a man who does not have a single pair of socks in his wardrobe, so why would it be listed as an essential accessory of a stylish man? The point is not to have socks in general, but to have the right pairs. Choose a few in a variety of colors and shades to match your outfit and even spice it up a bit. 


A wallet is this accessory that we all just simply possess and pay no attention to how it looks and its quality. While, in fact, it might be a stylish accessory that adds a smart and elegant touch to the way you present yourself, as well as it can ruin the whole effort put into the outfit. Choose classic, timeless, elegant wallets, preferably made of leather in neutral tones like black or brown. The TrendHim article will help you find the one.


Finally, we reach this one accessory that many men avoid, but it’s actually a stylish and practical item. A bag, either a weekender bag, a messenger bag, or even a stylish briefcase, is what every man should have in his wardrobe. It’s great to pack for a weekend getaway, but it can also prove useful on an everyday basis. It’s an accessory that spices up your outfit, but it’s, most importantly, an item that allows you to bring everything you need with you, wherever you go. If you want to be stylish, you need to forget about packing your pockets with your wallet, keys and phone. 

Cuff links

Adding style and elegance to any outfit is all about small details. That’s why you need a pair of cuff links that will give your suit and tie even more splendid character. You will not only look great, but you can feel like a real star, gentleman or James Bond. Once you have your suit and cuff links on, you will only need a drink in hand and a casino to play at. The last one is not a problem, as you can play at a casino anywhere you are, completely online, through safe sites like Vegas Slots Online. So put your cuff links on, register, choose a casino and a game and start winning in a James-Bond-inspired style.