A Word from Chazzy LLC- Made in The USA and Bringing Quality Back To The States

At MFM we were delighted to work with Chazzy LLC, an upcoming brand who combine a focus on sustainability and contemporary fashion. We are loving their work and the message they are sharing, and would love to share their voice with our readers.

“We started this company Chazzy LLC by trying to redefine quality, sustainability, Made in USA, and technology integrations into our fabrics eventually to uphold a certain standard. We believe it’s important for a company to stand for something as we do the above.

We felt a natural attachment to a quality garment, so we really dissected this by speaking to multiple individuals in the Los Angeles that have been doing this for fifteen years and going from well known designers to seamstresses and to production individuals, then trying to question preexisting ideologies. Every piece of the puzzle of keeping a high standard is so important to us from the pattern making, the actual design, the fitting, the little details such as the embroidery, the sustainability and quality of the fabrics, the photography, and of course the aesthetic.

We believe even a tee, there are so many factors of developing a quality tee, hence why we put emphasis on reiteration after reiteration on prototyping. An example as per below of our men’s Lenzington tee, 50% Supima and 50% Micro Modal, 2 3/4” slots on the bottom, beige twill labels, and with a beige neck lining.

Our other course of action was to run our production in the Los Angeles area, hence the Made In USA portion, since we believe upwards of 70% or greater companies run their production overseas and heighten their C02 emissions. We try to minimize this as much as possibly by using 100% recycled poly bags, recycled envelopes, the dyes we use, and also try to be cognizant of how much H20 the fabrics are being used, yet still maintain the quality. The notion of our workers being treated and paid well here in the United States, especially with the wage inequality and disparity becoming worse is critical to us.

Aesthetically, we are inspired by the dark, grit, and grind of NYC to dark country to rock and roll, from Martin Scorsese movies to Chris Issak to the Beatles songs to virtually architecture as well. We are fortunate enough to work with quality photographers in the NYC area that ooze these aesthetics and tell stories through their photography.

In addition, eventually we want to be on the forefront of integrating technology to our fabrics as time goes on such as semiconductors to detect stigmatizing health concerns as we further explore in the states.

We try to aim for perfection, although knowingly never attainable due to relativity, but we hope that people can sense the heart and soul we dump into our garments. We hope to design a world and garments that are undistinguished.

Hopefully everybody can visit and follow Chazzy LLC as per below of our Social Media sites as we continue our future collections into 2020, and eventually edge into women’s collections and technology integrations.

Furthermore we would like to say thank you to Men’s Fashion Magazine for collaborating with us, especially in our earlier days. We hope to keep on keeping on and furthering our traction. We hope everybody can follow us along the ride.”