A Wallet is a Personal Thing

Thinking of buying a new wallet? It is a personal thing so you need to get it right, and choosing the right wallet should go beyond simply deciding which looks the coolest. A wallet should literally hold your personality, organised, messy or prepared, but speaks volumes about who you are. So we say when it’s time to replace your wallet, it is important to know what you want.

Consider your daily life: Scale down for winter as you don’t wear the same shoes in summer as you would do in winter, so consider scaling down your bifold for the season too. So if you’re a jeans kinda’ guy, then go for a lighter colour wallet and a bifold will save your jeans pocket from sagging when there are no alternative coat pockets. If you wear suits, try a traditional wallet in a darker style for a more sophisticated look.

Stick to the basics: if you have a large amount of cards, bank cards, coffee shops, supermarkets, etc; you probably think they are all essential, but are they really? Try this: Lay them all on the table and identify those that are important and that you actually use on a day-to-day basis, and these are what you should be carrying in your wallet. Leave the others to make that odd appearance when needed. And if you love that old coin purse, is that really necessary, no, you have a 5th pocket for that bit of loose change.

The Vittore Croco Wallet:

Keep it classic: When to comes to leather finishes you may prefer darker or lighter tones and the Votore Croco comes in a choice of three colours,Tan Croco, Black Croco and Choc Croco, and part of the beauty of leather is the ability to take on character over time, and nothing shows more than natural leather over the years.

The Vittore Croco is made of Italian full-grain cow hide leather, and comes with hand stitched edging lined with durable and natural canvas fabric and with a croco look that is burned into the leather hide with heat giving it that faux crocodile skin finish. Minimal in design, unique and stylish, there is nothing more than you would want from this wallet. This is a traditional bifold shape with a double notes section at the back, 6 credit card slots and 2 hidden sleeves. If you’re spending good money on something, Maxwell Scott wallets will guarantee that it lasts.

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