9 Mens Fashion Blogs You Should Follow

There is something slightly odd about promoting other blogs here on MFM but with so many great fashion websites doing the rounds at present it feels only right to share a little slice of the fashion pie with our peers and contemporaries.

The last decade or so has seen the male fashion market explode into a billion dollar industry with men the world over taking a keener interest in fashion to such an extent we’re beginning to rival our female counterparts when it comes to parting with our hard earned cash in exchange for the coolest clothes and sharpest looks being produced by designers and the high-street alike.

To coincide with these advances in our shopping habits, an abundance of websites have sprung up offering us the chance to peer into the world of men’s fashion like never before. From street style to the latest brands, lookbooks to fashion in numbers, here are nine of our personal favourites.


If knowledge is power then the power is in the hands of Hypebeast. Dedicated to the pursuit of everything that is style and fashion, this is an encyclopedia of menswear both high-end and high street.

From the obscure to the obvious Hypebeast are at the forefront of everything you wish to know about the fashion industry and where others follow, these guys lead. It’s the first bookmark on my laptop, other than MFM of course!

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Visit Hypebeast


If you want to read about the latest ‘drop’ from Nike or checkout or see who is the latest hit on Instagram, we suggest you add High Snobiety to your favourites list.

With their finger always on the pulse of everything hip and new, this is a must for anyone who loves anything to do with streetwear.

They also happen to produce a fine print edition if, like me, you happen to prefer your reading the old-school way.

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Visit High Snobiety


If you’re looking for an insightful yet witty look at the world of fashion then this is the website for you.

The beauty of Four Pins lies in the fact that no one in the world of fashion is free from criticism; every article is laced with a heavy dose of sarcasm and while these guys know their stuff, they’re not writing simply to promote the brands or looks their articles discuss – a refreshing change in a world where money from advertising usually dictates who and what is written about.

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Visit Four-Pins


Not everything about fashion has to be about clothes and how to wear them – something Imran Amed, the founder of this brilliant website has so expertly done since founding BoF in 2007.

From interviews with industry insiders to the latest movements of those who make the business tick, BoF takes an analytical approach to fashion but breaks down the facts and figures to make them accessible to a worldwide audience that reaches into the millions.

business of fashion

Visit Business of Fashion


One for the high-end fashionistas, Style.com is the first on the scene when it comes to the latest catwalk shows each and every season.

From trend reports to some of the best street style photography the web has to offer (thanks to the keen eye of Tommy Ton) this is a go-to for anyone in the fashion business. And if this wasn’t enough, Style.com is soon to ‘open’ their own on-line shop to compete with the likes of Mr. Porter and Farfetch.

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Visit Style.com


A firm favourite amongst many, FashionBeans continues to innovate and offer a relatable approach to fashion and style. This is one for the ‘typical man’ who’s simply after some general advice on how to dress better.

Take daily inspiration from in depth featured articles, weekly brand lookbooks, videos and more.

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Visit FashionBeans


Fronted by Brian Sacawa we’ve been fans of He Spoke Style for a while now. What we like about this site is the personal element, and the insight into the thought process behind the way Brian has developed his style (something you don’t see a lot of in today’s industry).

With how to posts, style inspiration, and the odd lifestyle post this is one to follow.

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Visit He Spoke Style


Launched back in 2011 by David Evans, this blog is targeted towards middle-aged guys and older men over 40 years of age.

Showcasing his personal style alongside his passion toward British made menswear; if you’re looking for more mature style advice then this is the site for you.

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Visit Grey Fox


Formerly known as The Style Blogger, Articles of Style is a the go to blog if you’re looking for straight the point style inspiration.

We’re big fans of their Menswear 101 series, alongside their slick Style Guide feature. Keep up the good work guys!

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Visit Articles of Style


For every ying there’s a yang, for every good there’s a bad, for every great website there are a million dire ones.

Hopefully this list will save you a great deal of time trawling through the rubbish in the hope of stumbling on some gold while giving you a unique insight into fashion both classic and contemporary.

Share some love, and let us know your favourite men’s fashion blogs in the comments.

Happy reading.