7 Pro Tips For Creating Promotional Items For Your Clients

If you want to promote your business to your American clients nationwide, there are various ways you can consider. Although you can spend on ads, write compelling copy, or use social media, nothing beats creating promotional items.

Promotional items may include calendars, hats, pets, notebooks, and mugs. They keep your business in your consumers’ minds and introduce your brand to others who may see or read your business name on such items. If they’re used by your clients regularly, your business may improve its exposure and reach a wider audience.

To know the best promotional items for your clients, you can check out various options at Shop Strange Portland Oregon, or any store online. Regardless of your preferences, here are some of the tips to create promotional items for your clients:

  1. Opt For Useful Items

The biggest advantage of using promotional items is their ability to be a routine part of your clients’ lives. When your clients use your products regularly, your brand will be more exposed to other people.

Repeat contact often sparks interest in people unfamiliar with your brand, encouraging them to search your brand whenever they need something relevant to your offerings. To make this possible, prioritize the item’s usefulness. The following tips will help you create better promotional items:

  • Match With The Environment 

Opt for items designed to be used in your client’s work or home environment. For instance, most people keep promotional items on their desks for several months. If you make items intended for daily use, your clients may use or keep them in their workplace or at their homes.

  • Solve A Problem 

Hand out promotional items that solve common client issues. For instance, do your clients often sign documents or engage in various physical activities daily? Many people keep pens, mugs, or power bricks because they’re useful and something that benefits them.

  • Make It Wearable 

Generally, wearables are popular promotional items because they highlight your branding in a visual and bold manner. Some of these include hats, outerwear, and shirts. To make your promotional items more interesting, include special tips or tricks to use the item. For example, if you’re giving away shirts, you can include a note in your packaging on how to style and flaunt the shirt that you’ve used as promotional item.

As a business owner, you should be considerate of the choice of promotional items you want to give your clients. Choosing the most relevant and useful items as your promotional products can make your clients feel special.

  1. Have A Clear Objective In Mind

Know what you wish to accomplish before you set your market budget. Otherwise, you’ll only waste money on promotional items your clients may not enjoy. To avoid inconvenience, define your purpose and have a clear objective. It can be about branding, attracting customers, giving away corporate gifts, and showcasing your business on a trade show.

For example, if you wish to boost your brand awareness with promotional items, you can opt for calendars, mugs, and T-shirts. When you know your objective or purpose of achieving, you can choose the right items to be your promotional giveaways. Plus, you’ll know how much effort and money to devote to your project.

  1. Think Of Your Target Clients

To get the most out of your promotional items, you should consider your target clients and what they’ll find useful. For instance, if your target clients enjoy traveling and prefer on-the-go items, you can consider portable chargers as your promotional items. On the other hand, if your clients tend to drive often, you can choose a branded air freshener.

  1. Be Concise

When creating promotional items for your clients, write only a little text on them. Your clients want to know more about your brand, but they don’t have much time to read blocks of text. Therefore, be concise with the text you want to include in promotional items. The shorter, the better.

For example, you can highlight your logo and slogan if you want clients to get to know your brand. Your slogan may help them understand how you do your business and what they can expect from your services.

  1. Research Your Competitors’ Promotional Items

Choosing any item for your promotional giveaway is easy, but selecting the right one that’ll satisfy your clients is challenging. Consider researching your competitor’s promotional giveaways to save time and effort from choosing the wrong promotional items.

By researching, you can get insights or ideas to help you select the best promotional items for your clients. However, as you list your preferences, be smart and choose the promotional items made from quality materials. Give your clients the best you can offer if you want them to return the favor by purchasing your products and services.

  1. Work With A Reliable Supplier

Another pro tip you should always remember when creating promotional items is to work with reliable suppliers. It takes a lot of effort to design your promotional items, and you don’t want to waste everything by working with the wrong supplier.

To ensure you’re working with a reliable supplier:

  • Meet with them and discuss your budget and ideas; and
  • Ask questions to know whether or not the supplier is the perfect fit for your needs.

If unsure about your preferred suppliers, check some reviews online or look for testimonials. The experience of previous clients will help you decide which supplier is worth it.

  1. Be Creative And Stay Simple

Never go over your head creating promotional items for your clients. Be sure to keep it simple, but don’t forget to add creativity to it simultaneously. Besides, the last thing you don’t want to do is to spend hours creating designs only to find out that no one wants to use your items because they’re too complicated.

If you want to deliver creative yet simple promotional items, you can hire professionals to help you. Professional designers or marketers know what’s best for your clients, regardless of your niche. In addition, with their years of experience and expertise, you can guarantee that they’ll create and design the promotional items of your dreams. 


Promotional items may drive more potential customers to your business. These items bring instant brand recognition, allowing you to spread the word about your company. Moreover, they can help you reach more clients and build a solid customer base. To get your desired results with promotional items, use the above tips to create some for your clients, and always keep quality in mind.