7 Overlooked Gardening Garments

Of all the jobs in the maintenance industry, gardening stands out to be the most fun. Not only is it relaxing, but you actually get a chance to get in touch with nature and work outdoors. If you think about it, gardening can be a hobby or a full-time job.

Even so, you can barely settle down to work on your garden when you are faced with myriads of hazards such as heat, falls and amputation among others. Apparently, gardening can be quite relaxing and threatening in equal measures. The good news is that you can avoid gardening hazards by protecting yourself.

One of the best ways to do this is by wearing the proper gardening protective gear. Whether you are looking to trim overgrown trees, manicure your lawns or clip hedges, you might want to get your hands on these protective garments that can actually save you a great deal of harm.

1. Aigle Botano Gardening Boot

One of the most important garments to have as a gardener is a waterproof pair of boots. Well, this supper-supple pair from Aigle is proved to be what you might just want for your gardening activities. Not only is it super comfy, but the boots are made from natural rubber which makes them perfect for gardening. Additionally, the blend of rubber makes it flexible and strong at the same time.

These Aigle boots have been designed with a generous upper side to make it easy for you to maneuver around your garden. This also makes it easy for you to end down as you reach out to tend to your plants. On the lower side, the traction soles have been designed with a grippy feel. This is to assure you of your safety while walking around wet patches of grass or any other wet surface in your garden.

2. Thyrone Safety Trainers

Safety trainers come handy when performing ladder-bound tasks such as trimming a tall hedge or pruning a tree. Basically, this is a high-risk task and requires safety trainers that are not only comfortable but provide enough grip on the sole. Made by Engelbert Strauss, these safety trainers, unlike other safety trainers on the market, have all the desired elements.

To start off, they are quite sleek and sporty. Even so, the looks belie numerous safety features such as tough nubuck leather outers which have been precisely lined with a dryplexx fabric making it tough and waterproof. At the same time, the flat rubber soles have been crafted with a grippy feel while the toe caps have been secured with steel to guarantee the safety of your toes.

3. Thorn Armor 3092 Gardening Gloves

It goes without saying that the market is thronged with an array of protective gardening gloves. However, not all of them are decent enough to protect your hands while working on thorny bushes or roses.

This incredible pair of protective gardening gloves offer ultimate puncture protection on your hands. You could basically grab a cactus without puncturing your skin. The gloves have been designed with black padding on the inner side, which is where all the protection is. The padding covers the palms, and fingertips which provide extra safety to your fingertips while working on agile tasks such as sorting thistles for prizing.

4. Uvex Pheos Safety Specs

When working on your garden, your eyes are exposed to numerous hazards including flying garden detritus, leaf bowlers, and weed killers among many others. Weeds killers, for example, can completely make you blind if you get a corrosive type. Ensure to check for weed killer reviews and buying guide for the best weed killers on the market that are less hazardous.

The Uvex Pheos safety specs come with an anti-scratch polycarbonate lens which makes it strong and cannot be penetrated easily by corrosive materials. Additionally, the specs have been designed with soft foam frames with the sole purpose of hugging your face, thus preventing any harmful materials from wreaking havoc on your eyes. To top it all, these protective specs look sporty and stylish.

5. 3M Peltor Optime 3 Ear Protector

While working on your garden, you will one way or another need to use motorized equipment. While some of them are often silent, a vast majority of petrol-driven power equipment and tools make an awful lot of noise. This is where the Optime 3 ear protector comes into play.

This pair comes designed with state of the art material with the capability of reducing wrecking noise by 35db.In a nutshell, what this means is that this headset will be able to reduce the thundering sound of a lawnmower to a mere whisper. Awesome, isn’t it?

Aside from reducing noise by a great margin, the protective headgear has been fitted with a soft foam ear padding, which makes it comfortable to your ears. With a glossy black and red finish and top-notch stripes, you will definitely stand out once you get one.

6. Barbour Presbury Jacket

Just like gardeners’ boots, the jackets should always be waterproof and snag proof. Getting a jacket with such qualities can be daunting. The Barbour jacket is a belter though. It comes with the latest tech of waxed cotton properties which ensures that you remain dry and clean while working on your garden.

Additionally, unlike other jackets in the market today, this jacket has skillfully been designed with lightweight material which not only makes it light while working but also ensures that you won’t overheat while working on your garden.

To add a sense of flair, the jacket was cut precisely to allow ease of movement while maintaining an opulent and stylish look.

7. Tilley Wanderer Hat

This is one of the most overlooked gardening garments. Today, few marketers are hitting the market for a gardening headgear. This can equally result in irreversible effects on their health due to the dangers they expose themselves to.

That said, unlike the old fashioned panama white hat, the Tilley Wanderer Hat has been designed with an unmatched rugged outback style that is more stylish and practical to a modern gardener. In keeping with the requirements of any gardening garment, this hat is made from water repellent cotton. Additionally, it’s able to offer your face sun protection of UPF 50+, which is most probably the best you can get in the market today. This hat not only ensures that you remain free from sunburns but remain stylish and fashionable as you work on your garden.