6 Tips for Buying Someone Else a Watch

A watch is one of the most personal items you can purchase for someone. It is a reflection of their personality, style, and taste and says a lot about who they are. A great watch is an investment and potentially a sentimental heirloom, so be prepared to splurge on fine craftsmanship and horology expertise if your budget allows it. At first glance, buying a watch as a gift may seem like an easy purchase. However, there are several factors to consider, from the recipient’s personal style and hobbies to their wrist size. Whether you are buying luxury watches for an anniversary, graduation, birthday, or another milestone event, try these valuable tips to simplify the watch-buying process. 

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  1. Choose the Right Size 

You need to consider two watch components when determining the watch’s size: the case and the band. The watch case width is measured in millimeters (mm.) Men’s watches tend to have large watch cases, while women’s are more delicate. The watch’s style can also impact the case diameter. Sports watches are typically large to accommodate additional features like pushers, complications, and large moving bezels. Dress watches are more sophisticated and refined, typically featuring smaller cases. 

Ideally, you would measure the giftee’s wrist to find a perfectly proportioned watch (the watch case diameter should be about ⅔ of the wrist width.) However, if this isn’t possible, you can select a watch size by estimating the wrist width. A 42mm watch case is perfect for a man with an average wrist width. Men with smaller-than-average wrists can wear watches between 36 and 38mm, while men with thicker wrists should wear watches between 44 and 48mm. 

Many luxury watch bands are adjustable. Buckle-style watch bands allow you to change the band circumference easily by switching the prong to a different slot. Metallic bracelets with a clasp often come with a key that allows you to add or remove links. If your giftee has a thicker wrist, consider buying an extension kit with the watch.

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  1. Look at How They Dress 

When shopping for a watch for another person, consider their style. The way they 

dress can provide you with clues as to which type of watch they prefer. If the person you are buying for spends most of their day in a suit and tie, a sophisticated dress watch is a perfect choice. Luxury watch brands like IWC Schaffhausen or Patek Philippe make stunning dress watches for corporate executives. The IWC Portofino series is a sleek modern take on a vintage wristwatch. It comes with a range of bands, including brown or black alligator leather and stainless steel.   

A sports watch or field watch is ideal for someone who wears more casual attire. Sports watches, such as diving, racing, and pilots’ watches, often have chunkier dials and statement bezels. They also come with features like a tachymeter, stopwatch, and subdials for gauging pressure, wind speed, and distance. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is an iconic sports watch with a distinctive tapisserie dial and octagonal bezel that will impress the recipient and everyone who admires it on their wrist.  

  1. Find Out Their Hobbies

Watches aren’t just stylish accessories; they can also be a practical tool for hobbyists. If the person you are buying for enjoys sailing, recreational flying, or taking their sports car out on the track, you can find a watch to suit their interests. Rolex is one of the best watch brands for women who enjoy getting out on the water. The Rolex Yacht-Master is the finest regatta chronograph for a dedicated seafarer. With its unique programmable countdown and nautical styling, it’s a stunning collector’s piece they can enjoy on and off the water. 

If you are buying a timepiece for someone who loves to take to the skies, the IWC Big Pilot is the perfect gift. The open, easily readable dial with photoluminescent hands and indices allows for optimal legibility in low light. The Big Pilot also comes with an easy band switching system, so the person receiving your gift can change their watch style to suit their outfit. 

  1. Consider Their Lifestyle

When buying a watch for someone special in your life, you’ll need to consider what make and model suits their lifestyle best. Whether your loved one is outdoorsy and athletic, a trendsetter, a C-level executive, or a combination of all three will dictate what type of timepiece you should consider. The Rolex Submariner line of watches for athletic individuals like divers is a high-end yet resilient choice that can travel the world for deep sea excursions. For a trendsetting woman with impeccable fashion sense, the Cartier Tank is a timeless piece, famously worn by style icon Jackie Onassis. 

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  1. Check Their Skin Tone

Skin undertones can dramatically impact the colors and materials you choose for a watch. While a white gold Rolex may look amazing on your wrist, that might not be the case for the person you are buying it for. There are three types of skin undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. People with warm skin undertones look better in yellow or rose gold. Stainless steel and white gold are better suited to cooler undertones. If your giftee has a neutral skin undertone, they can wear any metal type or dial color, giving you a wider range of watch choices. 

You can check their skin undertone by assessing their wardrobe choices. If they favor black, and it doesn’t make them look sallow, they likely have warmer undertones. If they look radiant in crisp white, their skin has cooler undertones. 

  1. Consider Their Body Type

Before you can settle on the perfect watch brand and model, you need to consider your giftee’s body type to ensure the watch is proportionate. A bold sports watch with a chunky case will overwhelm people with delicate wrists and fine features. A petite watch with a thin band would look out of place on a person with a strong, muscular build. You should also consider whether they have a metal allergy before buying a watch. Low-quality yellow gold watches may have a high nickel content — a known metallic allergen. Opt for stainless steel or platinum cases and leather bracelets. Stainless steel has a minimum nickel content, and platinum is considered hypoallergenic

Give a Luxurious Heartfelt Gift for Any Occasion

Buying a watch is a thoughtful way to show someone how well you know them and how much you care. The watch you choose should reflect their style, interests, and personality. To find the perfect luxury watch to give your special someone, always visit a reputable seller and ensure that the watches come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a generous warranty so you know you are giving the genuine article.