5 Suave Ways To Style A Suede Jacket

Suede jackets are one of the coolest options available in men’s outerwear. Knowing that suede is a hard-wearing material and less prone to cracks, it’s unreasonable why they are often underrated as statement wear as compared to lustrous leather jackets. If you opt for a classic suede jacket in premium quality, it is never a miss.

Jackets created with suede have a fuzzy, supple finish and do a pretty good job at providing warmth. If lined with an insulating material, they make a perfect winter jacket. On the other hand, nylon or viscose-lined jackets are apt for spring or moderate summer wear. 

In its true essence, the suede jacket is quite adaptable. You can unleash your creativity when it comes to building stylish and absolutely masculine outfits with the suede jacket. In fact, this sophisticated jacket will become an essential part of your wardrobe, which you will take out again and again to layer outfits in every season.

Here are a few ways you can style your suede jacket to look spruced up.

Suede Jacket Outfit Number 1: Smart Casual Style

The smart casual dress code is a fusion of informal essentials worn with a dressed-up style. Several types of jackets are suitable for this particular style, but a slim-fit mens bomber jacket in suede is your safest bet to nail the smart casual look. 

Remember that suede is all about elegance, so try to keep it that way by opting for subtle hues, especially if you want a refined style. You can opt for a suede bomber jacket in deep mocha and pair it with a black dress shirt and jeans. 

Chelsea boots are a good option to wear with this smart casual style to emulate the look in its entirety. To accessorize this look, go for a metal band dress watch and wayfarer style shades. 

Suede Jacket Outfit Number 2: Weekend Casual Style

Weekends are to relax, but that doesn’t mean you can not focus on styling yourself. Whether you are going for a friend’s night out or a Sunday brunch, you can create a dashing weekend look with your suede jacket. 

A no-fail outfit suggestion for a laid back yet snazzy style is to pair a brown suede jacket with a plaid shirt and regular fit blue jeans. This is an effortless way to look dressed up as the suede texture makes an appealing contrast along with the chequered design of your shirt. Plus, the regular fit of jeans allows you to stay relaxed. You can wear brown driving shoes to give a comfortable finish to this look.

Suede Jacket Outfit Number 3: The Rugged Style 

One of the most sought after looks that the suede jacket is famous for is the rugged look. It is a dressing style that defines your masculinity and adventurous side. The reason why suede jackets gel well with this particular look is because men who prefer a rugged style go for tough and functional staples. 

To wear an outfit that embodies your rugged style, choose a shearling fur jacket in a distressed brown shade. You can wear a henley or a plain white t-shirt as the middle layer of this outfit. For the pants, you can either go with black canvas pants that go well with the rugged man aesthetics or khakis. 

Chukka boots are the top choice for footwear in the rugged look, but you can also go for ankle boots. 

Suede Jacket Outfit Number 4: Preppy Style

Opted mostly by the college or university students, preppy is a relaxed, classic style using clothing essentials that give a neat and refined appearance. 

Preppy dress code is all about structured silhouettes and appealing hues that make you look like a million bucks. Therefore, you can opt for a luxurious suede jacket to create upscale outfits.

We suggest you rock the preppy look with a monochrome outfit using a black suede jacket along with matching t-shirt and chinos. Add to it a pair of black derby shoes and a leather strap watch, and it will be hard to go unnoticed with this uber stylish look. Aviator style shades will add to the ritzy touch of this crisp and fresh look. 

Suede Jacket Outfit Number 5: Hipster Style

The hipster style with the suede jacket is all about pushing fashion boundaries to create looks that woo the onlookers. Hipster looks give off a very nonchalant vibe, giving you an opportunity to use patterns and colors to your heart’s content. 

Here, a cool hipster look we suggest is created with a black structured suede jacket and pale blue ripped jeans. You can go for two toned sneakers as the footwear choice with this outfit. Beanies and baseball caps go well with the hipster look, so you can opt for those as well. 

Summing Up

When you wear it with style, a suede jacket is something that would immediately get noticed by people around you. You will get showered with compliments due to the texture it adds to any outfit making it suave and sophisticated. So turn your back on all the reluctance surrounding the suede jacket and add this classy element to your wardrobe with confidence.