5 Mens Winter Essentials

The leaves are falling off the trees and everyone is switching on their heaters this winter. UK winters seem to last a lifetime and the lack of vitamin D can really take a toll on someone’s mood and ability to feel good. Many might say that it’s impossible to look good when it’s minus something degrees outside but fortunately this is far from reality. Today we’re looking at the winter essentials.

There are a few items that a guy must have in his closet.


Jackets do not need to look frumpy and unflattering during winter. These pictures featured are a perfect example of how a jacket can be warm, fashionable and comfortable. It’s perfect for the rainy weather that we dread almost every day during winter. But what style of jacket should you opt for? Think timeless. Trench coats, Pea coats and military jackets are your obvious choice and can be utilised with the majority of your looks. Opt for neutral colours, and invest in quality. The light beige colour jacket from Topman with the buttons gives a simple yet edgy look at the same time. Also featured is the Holborn Quilted jacket from Hackett. This jacket is designed to keep all the warmth in your body as well as looking fashionable. This kind of jacket is a must have this winter.

AW12 Jackets

Here are some product picks

Topman Camel Pea Coat Hackett Holborn Quilted JacketLoro Piana Storm Quilted JacketAllsaints Pea Coat

Cardigans and Jumpers

Jumpers and Cardigans are a must when it comes to winter because when your jacket comes off one needs to look presentable. Your cardigan or jumper is typically your second layer, so you could opt for a splash of colour or use it to implement prints. If you’re still afraid of implementing colour or prints in the colder season, think about neutralising it. If everything that you’re wearing has dull colours such as blacks, greys, and browns then it will look perfectly fine as you will avoid looking like a clown. Again, cardigans and jumpers are timeless garments. Meaning they can be used throughout the transition of seasons. Layer them over either a buttoned down shirt, or relaxed t-shirt.

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Here are some product picks


Allsaints Whitby Crew JumperTopman Navy Lined Jacket Cardigan


Now this must seem very basic, but a bad pair of jeans can really ruin one’s outfit. Jeans can be worn with boots or even tucked into boots and also formal shoes such as loafers or brogues. The versatility of jeans is a stand out feature. Therefore, you wont have any issues implementing them into an autumn/winter look. You may want to opt for some dark denim if you want to implement colour elsewhere, such as your jacket or jumper, as this will be used to neutralise the colour. If you’re feeling brave, go for some coloured denim such as burgundy or rustic orange.

Topman Mid Wash Skinny JeansJ Brand Tyler Slim Fit Jeans


Boots are very much needed in winter especially if you’re doing a lot of walking. They need to look trendy yet be durable at the same time. The military trend is something which always holds it’s influence in the autumn/winter season and military boots always seem to be a key focus. Alongside this, you could go the more traditional route and opt for a pair of brogue boots or desert boots (avoid suede). When it comes to footwear you want to opt for a classic edge, and go for quality. If you’re a regular reader of MFM, you’ll know we love handcrafted shoes. Look towards brands such as Grenson and Scarosso for well made, winter shoes.

Topman Jeffrey Brogue BootsGrenson Dylan Brogues


You should never neglect the importance of accessorising… especially in the winter season. When the colder season hits, it’s all about layering and it’s all about clever layering. Accessories such as scarves will add a new layer, and give you the ability to either add colour or neutralise your look. The good thing about accessories, is you can use them to add individuality to a look. It’s the attention to detailing which really counts, and accessorising is what can bring this attention to detailing to a look. Key accessories for this winter season are heavy knit scarves, knitted ties, trilby hats, man bags and wool socks.

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When you’re going shopping think of all the different occasions you can wear a specific item of clothing. It’s important to buy clothes that are versatile especially if you’re on a budget, that way one you can get more use out of your clothes.