5 main rules: How to choose the right wedding suits for the groom’s friends?

As wedding traditions are constantly evolving, it is not surprising that it has become fashionable to invite friends of the groom to the wedding as a separate category of guests. In this case, as a rule, these people should adhere to a certain style of dress and their whole appearance, so that their attire is combined with the theme of the wedding reception and in harmony with the groom’s attire.

Unified style

This rule applies to everyone involved in the event, namely the groom, bride, bridesmaids and friends. If you have conceived a vintage wedding, and your bride plans to appear in a chic wedding dresses in the form of a lace gown with a long train, the usual three-piece suit will not look very appropriate. It is better for the groom to wear a less formal suit and add accessories, such as suspenders and a hat. For friends of the groom, the main rule applies – the suits of the groom and witnesses should be in the same style, but not the same. Then the outfits will look harmonious.

The groom shouldn’t lose himself in front of his friends.

There are times when you come to a wedding that you don’t immediately realize who the groom is. It happens if the groom’s friends choose too flashy costumes that outshine him. So, remember, the groom should be king at his own wedding and friends should choose fewer formal suits. For example, if the groom wears a classic three-piece suit, then friends should prefer pants and colored vests without a jacket.

Casual business suits

In an effort to save money, many men wear ordinary business suits to a wedding that they have in their closet. And it does not matter that it is an outdated model or not exactly a new outfit. A suit is a suit! However, the groom and his friends cannot afford such savings. On the background of the refined and chic image of the bride’s dress and outfits of girlfriends, such men’s outfits look cheap and tasteless. Therefore, if the level of the holiday involves a tuxedo, be sure to wear it. Not every suit is suitable for the celebration of the wedding.

Dress code

It has recently become very fashionable to have themed weddings with a certain dress code. It is always warned in advance and the necessary requirements for appearance are specified in the invitations. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to be a part of a themed wedding, approach to the choice of attire with full responsibility. First of all, consult with the bride and groom. They can tell you exactly what to wear and where it can be purchased. Before making the final choice, warn the groom. He may have purchased a very similar suit, and you will look like twins, and this should not be allowed at the wedding. And secondly, talk to the rest of the groom’s friends. After all, you should look harmonious together. Maybe you should go to choose a suit all together, then you are sure to find the perfect match.

Consider the location of the celebration

Each guest at the party, including the groom’s friends, should be comfortable and convenient. Therefore, the suit should be chosen, taking into account the place of the celebration. If the wedding will be held in a fancy restaurant, then the man should appear in full dress. This means that you need to buy new shoes, a shirt with cufflinks, a tie and a suitable suit. However, in the case of celebrating a wedding in the countryside or in a close circle of friends, the clothing requirements are less strict. You can forgo the tie and cufflinks. It is also best to wear comfortable shoes. It has become popular to wear jeans and shirts with suspenders to such chamber weddings. Well, an unusual hat will help make the image more interesting.

Purchasing the perfect costume for the groom and his friends can only be done by working closely together. This means that the most tried and trusted way is to go to the store together. You’ll be able to try on your image and see how it looks against others. Then both the groom and his friends will be happy. And at the celebration no one will have a question: “Who is the culprit of this celebration?”.