5 Gift Ideas For Your Minimalist Partner

While many holidays and birthdays are a cause of stress for people when it comes to choosing the right gift for your partner, the best ideas are born when we want to give a gift for no reason. “Just because” presents are some of the best to receive as they’re unexpected and elicit true joy. But what if your partner is a minimalist? After all, with the movement sweeping the globe over the last decade, with no signs of slowing down, how do you find something that will not only “spark joy” but they’ll use too? Keep reading for some of the best presents for the minimalist in your life. 

A Membership 

Memberships are often costly, significantly depending on what they pertain to. But, since most minimalists value experiences over possessions, offering to cover their annual membership cost or surprising them with one they’ve mentioned before is a great gift idea. Maybe they hate their gym and want to be involved in a more high-end fitness environment; perhaps they’ve wanted a space to practice their hobby that isn’t at home. Whatever you know they’d utilize, surprise them with saying you’ve got those fees covered and to enjoy themselves.

Daily Wearers

Maybe your minimalist is a uniform dresser, and perhaps they’re more of a capsule wardrobe person. Wherever your partner falls on the spectrum of how they translate minimalism into the way they dress, consider gifting them something functional that they’ll wear daily. Items like a dainty gold chain, an antique pocket watch, or a pair of designer sunglasses are all great ideas. You likely know their wardrobe well, but it’s a good idea to take stock of what they own or what may require repair or ending its rope in terms of usefulness. Build on those needs before purchasing to ensure it becomes something they can use every day, making it that much more valuable to them. 

A Vacation 

While your partner likely has all the material items they want, they may need something more practical. Vacations are the perfect gift and wildly functional. The physical act of getting out of town has been shown to positively impact our mental health, making it one of the best gifts you can give. You know your partner well enough to know if they’d prefer tropical versus cold climate, beach versus mountains – book a getaway for the two of you to enjoy together and reconnect. Maybe they read the book “Wild,” and they’ve wanted to go on a solo-hiking expedition – fund that experience for them instead. Giving this type of gift shows that you care about the life your partner leads, and you want them to make memories to carry through life with them – how thoughtful of you!

A Massage 

The last couple of years have been a doozy, have they not? Even if you and your partner have weathered them without the need for therapy, their posture is likely suffering due to working from home in awkward positions staring at a screen for two years. Give them the gift of stress relief and unwinding by booking them a massage. Give it to yourself too by booking a couples massage if you like. Massage has many health benefits beyond just relaxation, and we all can benefit from one now and then.

Subscription Services 

Much like the membership idea mentioned earlier, subscription services are something that some of us tend to put on the back burner when looking at our budgets. Most minimalists tend to have a good handle on their finances, so they may not have been able to justify subscribing to a monthly delivery of wine straight to the house. But, you love your partner and want them to develop their palette and enjoy the relaxation of a glass of wine after a hard day – so you order that subscription for them. If wine isn’t their thing, there are subscriptions for anything these days, so do a little digging online and find the one that most aligns with their passions. 

Gift-giving can be made simpler through thoughtful rules regarding who you’re shopping for. Even if your partner or any recipient is a minimalist, there are still things that they could want or need – you may need to just think a little outside the box. When all else fails, you could implement the “want, wear, need, read” philosophy and make a basket with an item from each section in the gift basket. Make your minimalist sweetheart feel the love today by surprising them with any of these gifts “just because.”