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4 Ways To Wear The Camel Overcoat

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It continues to reign in the style stakes; the Camel Overcoat is an exquisite and iconic example of traditional British tailoring. Delighting quintessential males around the globe, this classic piece of outerwear is the perfect basis for any autumn and winter look. To show our love for the Camel Overcoat, here at MFM we’ve compiled a cohesive fashion guide to wearing it three different ways this season.


overcoat 1

If you’re searching for a new coat this winter, something durable, transitional and complimentary to your suiting… look no further than the Camel Overcoat. It’s laid-back luxe approach to detail, clean lines and simplicity will work in your favour – tying in effortlessly well with your daily look.

overcoat 2

It’s hard to often find a light coloured coat that will compliment lights and dark greys, navy, checks and tweed. But this piece looks fantastic teamed with a range of shades and you won’t be stuck for inspiration when you’re dressing first thing in the morning.

double porter overcoatregular armani shirtssaint front waistcoat

lanvin porter tiessaint charcoal trousertan brogues


overcoat 3

Dressing smart doesn’t always come naturally to the best of us. It all begins with shopping around for brands you know and love. Look out for good quality pieces as these will help in constructing your bare essentials. For that occasion you have quickly approaching that requires a compromise of the formal and informal we have just the answer!

overcoat 4

Team a well fitted knit with a pair of nicely cut chinos in your favourite shade and add a Camel Overcoat – that we assure you is the missing ingredient to your ensemble. Most guys think camel is a really tricky colour to pull off especially if you’re used to wearing navy or black jackets.

In fact, this shade is actually one of the easiest to wear – you can tone down your whole look with darker layers and not have to worry about looking too drab!

camel classic overcoatmerino blue jumperbenetton tees

black jean chinosblack paisleyflat colin caps


When it’s time to throw on some clothes for a casual weekend; the Camel Overcoat is the best investment piece you can choose to warn off that autumn chill. Its luxurious exterior will smarten up even you’re tired jeans or joggers hanging in the back of your closet.

overcoat 6

Weekend wear is all about feeling comfortable, at ease and ready for whatever the weather throws at you. With the sudden drop in temperatures of late, this warm high quality piece will continue to look great throughout the transitional seasons.

The addition of a hoody and white sneakers, a la Kanye – is relaxed personal style at its best.  Feel confident in pairing a bold sneaker or accents layered underneath your overcoat, to create a unique style statement.

brosbi overcoatsolarized sweatshirtssnap old black

air max mikemillerain bagsred logo scarfs

One Last Thing…

overcoat 7

With lots of styles and variations – be sure to find something that will appeal to your personal taste. As discussed in the piece, camel does seem tricky to wear but in actual fact it’s highly versatile. Here, at MFM, we hope this style feature has inspired you to perhaps try something new that’s a little out of your comfort zone. Your wardrobe this season won’t be complete without one!

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