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4 Ways To Transition From A Winter To Spring Wardrobe

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There might still be a nip in the air, but the fashion conscious among us all have one eye on the approach of springtime fashion. It might not feel long since you started to wear the warmer clothes in your wardrobe, but it is nearing the time that you need to start to think about hanging up your winter coat in favour of a lighter jacket. We have decided to help you out by letting you in on five clever ways that you can easily make your winter to spring transition.

Use your layers

One of the easiest ways to deal with the fluctuating temperatures at this time of the year is to partake in some good old layering. With its naval striped looks, this John Smedley Striped Redfree Jumper from Jules B makes for a stylish knitwear choice for a transitional wardrobe. Knitwear makes an excellent mid layer for cold days, and a warm outer layer for milder weather.


Don’t jump straight to summer fabrics

While you may be tempted to jump straight into your summer gear on the first warm day of the year, resist, as we live in the UK and there will definitely be a damp day around the corner. As much as you’d like to declare the onset of summer by wearing a T-shirt, it is always worth having a nice spring-weight jacket at hand, like this Ben Sherman Harrington Mac. The mac is made from showerproof cotton and will keep you dry during those April showers.


Get some spring in your step

While there is no need to stick to your winter boots all the way until summer, you can find a nice compromise in a pair of lighter, more casual footwear, like these Clarks Originals Desert Boots. Not only are their crepe soles extremely comfortable, but their earthy colours and clean lines will go nicely with the brighter shades of a spring wardrobe.

desert boots

Embrace the umbrella

Sometimes the British climate is just too unpredictable to anticipate, and your studiously planned warm weather outfit is subjected to a miserable downpour. However, a flash flood is no excuse to get soaked if you invest in a good quality brolly. This Fulton Chelsea folding umbrella is perfect for stowing away in the bottom of your bag, and can save you a lot of drying time in a pinch. Plus, you can have hours of fun with automatic opening button.

fulton Follow our seasonal advice and you will have no trouble putting together the perfect transitional spring wardrobe. Not only will you look incredibly stylish, but you will be ready for whatever the unpredictable weather will throw at you.

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