4 Ways To Succeed More In Life

Have you ever wondered how to achieve more?

The problem is there is no real ‘formula’ for success that everyone can follow, but I’ve put together 4 principles of success which I personally find to be extremely useful.

There really is no ‘quick fix’ to achieving more and becoming more successful, making change and growing is entirely down to you and the efforts you apply.

4 Ways To Achieve More

Below is a video where I go into more detail about the 4 steps to achieving more, and below the video is a round up of the 4 key steps.

1. Set Bigger Goals

Have you read ‘The 10x Rule’ by Grant Cardone? A key principle in this book is to set bigger goals, because bigger goals require bigger efforts.

Think about it… if you set yourself the goal to lose 6 pounds in 6 months you’d probably lack commitment, and you’d probably leave it to the last minute to put the effort in required to achieve that goal. But if you was to set the goal of losing 6 pounds in 2 weeks you’d apply more effort to achieve it. Right?


Set bigger goals which require more effort…

2. Make Strategic Plans To Achieve Your Goal

‘I want to run my own business’ is a dream. It’s a wish. That’s all it is. It doesn’t become a goal until you start making strategic plans to achieving it.

‘I want an Audi R8’ is another dream, because without creating strategic plans to achieve something all it is is a dream.

Set a goal and write down how you’re going to achieve it. It doesn’t have to be a 80 page business plan, all it needs to be is some strategic steps to get you there.

If your goal was to ‘get a six pack’ within the next 8 weeks, write down how you’re going to achieve it. It could be to hire a personal trainer, to use Intermittent Fasting, to drink 3 litres of water a day, to take supplements (and specify which ones), to prepare your food, to schedule in a cheat meal every saturday…


As soon as you start planning out how you’re going to achieve your goal it all of a sudden becomes real. It isn’t a wish anymore, it isn’t just a dream, it’s real.

State your goal (make sure it’s big) and then start creating strategic plans to achieve it.

3. Create Daily Habits To Achieve Your Goal

I just came back from a Seminar this weekend where they did some interventions. One guy volunteered and admitted he hadn’t got the results from his business like he hoped he would. The issue? He was still working full time.

His dream, his goal was to run his own business. But he wasn’t aligning himself to the purpose, and everyday continued working for someone else for the security. He wasn’t following step 3, he wasn’t creating daily habits to help him achieve his goal.

He went on to leave his job, right there on stage and now he aligns himself to his goal. Everyday he’s creating daily habits around his business and his getting the results he’d hoped for.

habits new you

If my goal was to get in shape, lets be specific and say gain more lean muscle I’d need to start introducing daily habits to take me closer to that goal. I could count my Macronutrients with a daily habit being eat 220g of Protein a day, I could create the daily habit of doing weight training every morning at 6:30am before I work, I could create the daily habit of replacing sugary treats with high protein snacks… You get the idea.

Start planning out daily habits which will take you closer towards your end goal.

4. Make Yourself Accountable

So so important. Probably the most important step. If you fail to make yourself accountable you’re going to fail to achieve the goal.

Making yourself accountable is the game changer, and it can be done in a variety of ways. It’s all about getting someone an online coach from href=”https://www.coaching-online.org/”>https://www.coaching-online.org/ or even putting something in place to hold you to achieving the goal.


Set A Deadline – When will you complete the goal?

Did you ever get given homework at school that needed to be completed at a certain time? Or maybe it was a task at work which had a deadline. How hard did you work to get it done on time? Setting a deadline is key to completing the goal.

Make sure you set shorter deadlines though. Again if your deadline is 12 months, you’re going to progress slowly to achieve it. But if it’s 12 weeks (and it’s a big goal to achieve) you’re going to apply more effort and put more focus in achieving it.

Set yourself a deadline and keep it short…

Have A Bet – A simple one, just have a bet with someone.

The formula? If you don’t achieve (your goal) you’ll give them (high stake).

You can of course do it in reverse, meaning if you do achieve the goal they’ll pay you. The high stake can be money, it can be something you love which you wouldn’t want to lose (don’t bet your wife or partner though) and it could be time or a favour. It’s important that it’s a high stake though, something you REALLY don’t want to lose (or something you really want to receive).

Go Public – Spread your goal publicly and avoid embarrassment.

Lets say you tell all of your close friends, family and people you respect of your goal. How embarrassed will you be if you fail to achieve it? Go public, share a video or a status on social media stating your goal and how long you have to achieve it. Get people involved, tell them to hold you accountable and this pressure will allow you to push forward to achieve it.

Go Go Go…

So there we have it. No excuses go ahead and follow these 4 steps.

Don’t rush into making a decision, think about the goal you really want to achieve. It’s all about momentum, even if your first goal is a stepping stone to the final outcome get going and make change. You won’t get anywhere without action.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, don’t forget to connect on social media and also if you’re looking for change apply for the free 1 on 1 call below now.

Signing out…