4 Summer Short Styles You Need To Know

With summer now officially here, according to the calendar anyway, we’re sure you’ve already had a few outings in your summer shorts. However, whether you are a little slow on the up-take or are looking to update your wardrobe, now is the time to ensure you have the right pair for the right occasion.

shorts 1

Wearing shorts is easy, wearing the right shorts is an entirely different matter. You don’t want to look like Just William but at the same time, neither do you want to look like you have just rolled off a Sunday morning football pitch.

Here at MFM, we have noticed that the man we see on the street so often gets his short attire so completely wrong, which is why we’ve compiled this list of four short styles and more importantly, when to wear them…

1. Board Shorts

shorts 2

Unless you are on the crest of a wave or lounging by a pool, the board short is a no-go area. They are not for sauntering around town nor an evening out.

We see so many men in built-up, urban environments walking around in board shorts and we’ve had enough. By all means wear them to the beach or strolling along the sea front on your holidays but as my father told me, there is a time and a place for everything.

camouflage shortshentsch blue shortscoral coogles

folk leaf shortsblack palm shortsmainline shorts

2. Sport’s Shorts

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Sportswear, urban-wear, street-wear, call it what you will, it is everywhere at present. Long, wide, basketball-esque shorts appear to be de-rigueur for any hip young gent these days and it doesn’t matter if you’ve ever even held a basketball, everyone is getting in on the act – just ask Givenchy or Rick Owens or uber cool brands such as Neighbourhood or Opening Ceremony.

techblend shortsporter jersey shortspalace shorts

paname shortsmens mcqstone blue island

3. Short Shorts

shorts 4

Let’s get one thing clear – we do not mean Speedos. By short shorts we mean the kind you can lounge around the pool in or take a quick dip in the sea to cool off.

Cut a good four or five inches above the knee, the short short has an air of the French Riviera about it and worn with a loose fitting, linen shirt and espadrilles, you can at least think you are Frank Sinatra on his holidays.

chambray crew shortsgarment man shortsjacobs blue shorts

setter swim shortsseersucker shortspurple tree shorts

4. Tailored Shorts

shorts 5

Tailored shorts are not just for golfers and the yacht types, in fact everyone should own at least one pair of tailored shorts. Perfect for evenings out, great if you’re attending an evening BBQ round the neighbour’s house, made for a beer garden on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the tailored short is a must-have this season, next season and the season after that.

Go crazy this year and buy a plain navy pair (good for all seasons) and a sky blue and white striped pair, just in case you feel like being a little daring.

nate indigo shortsyellow bermuda shortspink stretch shorts

leaves shortslemaire shortswhite belted shorts

A Final Word…

Shorts may seem like an easy item of clothing to wear but pull on the wrong pair at the wrong time and you will stand out like a saw thumb. The shorts we choose to wear at any given time are very much determined by the environment we’re surrounded in so make sure you have a pair for all occasions.

Oh, and one last thing, unless you have just stumbled from a football pitch, never ever wear football shorts out in public.