3 Shaving Mistakes Men Make

The clean shave is on the rise, with more men opting for a clean shaven look over the beard. But with more shaving gadgets than ever before, us men are missing out on the basics. More importantly, we’re making mistakes.

If you’re looking for the perfect clean shave, what mistakes are you likely to make?

What advice would we give to help you get the best clean shave possible?

1. Rushing The Shave

Be honest, how much time do you spend on a clean shave?

A shave should be something you take pride in, it isn’t something to rush quickly in the morning. Set time aside in the morning, or if you don’t have time set time aside before you go to bed.

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A lot of men are sporting facial hair right now, there’s no denying it looks good in a lot of cases but for a lot of men it just comes down to laziness. Facial hair doesn’t suit them, they themselves aren’t a fan but they sport it because they’re too lazy to shave.

The rise of electric razors has also led to shaving becoming less of an art, and something we do in as quick a time as possible.

If you were to sit down for a clean shave treatment you wouldn’t want them to rush it, so why rush it yourself?

Take your time preparing your face, shaving, even think about a second shave for a smoother finish, and of course don’t forget the aftercare.

Don’t rush, take pride in the shave.

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Using The Wrong Products

A quick Google search for ‘shaving products’ will give you a staggering amount of products to choose from. This overload of shaving products is daunting, and it’s no wonder that people are moving towards electric razors.

What shaving foam should you choose? What razor? What aftershave? The questions are endless, so we wanted to simplify it for you.

We recommend that you stay loyal to a brand. Choose a shaving brand that provides you with everything you need for a close shave and stick with them. It takes a bit of experimenting at the beginning, but once you’ve found the brand to stick with it will help you deal with the overload of shaving products right now.

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Another benefit to this is products often complement each other when they’ve been produced by the same brand. Creating a shaving foam and even a razor is a science, so they’re often developed to complement each other.

As mentioned, there’s a lot of products out there… but OneBlade packages up their shaving products cleverly, giving you the ultimate solution. You can buy the OneBlade Core Razor for under $50 or their Black Tie Kit for the ultimate solution for the perfect shave.

The CORE razor has been obsessively engineered to give you a serious shave with serious savings.  It delivers the quality and closeness of a barbershop shave in your own bathroom, with the safety, comfort, and convenience of a cartridge razor in one blade—minus all the irritation.

CORE Razor_Engineering

Thanks to the innovation of this razor, it’s the easiest-to-master and most comfortable single-blade razor on the market. You won’t need to worry about spending a lot on replacement blades either, as the quick load blade system makes it easy and a replacement blade costs less than $1. In fact, most guys get at least 2-3 shaves per blade, so that puts your superior shaves at less than $0.25 each

It’s been engineered for a close shave with an Optimal Pivot for maximum performance and it’s durable, made from engineer-grade polymer.
The most popular package (The Black Tie Kit) comes with a shaving brush, lavender shaving foam and an after shave balm. That’s everything you need to master a clean shave from home.

CORE_kit (1)

You can pick the Black Tie Kit up for a discounted price of $124.95 (Value: $156.43).

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Avoiding Aftercare

Last but not least, the third mistake most men make when it comes to shaving is avoiding aftercare. When the beard’s disappeared, it’s not over…

When you’re all dried off don’t just run off. After shaving your skin, it is likely to be irritated when using cartridge razors. You want to take time to rehydrate the skin and also protect it. This again is a great reason why I enjoy using the CORE razor because using a single blade will reduce irritation and help avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs.


Soothing your face with cold water will help close pores, and applying a good moisturiser (just a pinch, not too much) alongside an aftershave will help your face look smooth but also protected.

Simply spending an extra minute or two on your post shaving routine can make a huge difference in ensuring your clean shave looks as good as possible

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Get Shaving

So those are the 3 shaving mistakes you need to avoid as a man, but what mistakes have you made in the past?

Share them in the comments below…

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