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  • How To Easily Fold A Pocket Square

    How To Easily Fold A Pocket Square

    It is a well known fact that accessories make or break any outfit; this is something you've probably heard before. So what if the accessory is so small and simple that it is more often overlooked than over thought? Sometimes it is the simplest things that we forget about, the important finer details, and this…

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  • Using Games To Help With Boredom

    Using Games To Help With Boredom

    We've all been there, we've got to kill and we're not sure what we should do with our time. Sure, we can spend time browsing social media or getting some 'banter' started in our friends Whatsapp group but why not have some fun? Now before you start questioning the topic of this article, we of…

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  • Key Fashion Trends For 2017

    Key Fashion Trends For 2017

    It's very rare we share trends nowadays... But we wanted to share a quick round up of some of the key trends for 2017. Now it might be obvious which clothes serve the most suitable practical purposes during summer; however, the best style choices for that season aren't always so clear. Thankfully, we can look…

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  • 8 Ways To Become More Attractive

    8 Ways To Become More Attractive

    Someone said to me the other day... "How do you become more attractive?" At first, I thought there's no way I could create a feature around increasing your attractiveness as a man but then I saw this image. A before and after, taken on the same day. Image from It made me think, what steps…

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  • 3 Ways Distance Learning Degrees Can Boost Your Career

    3 Ways Distance Learning Degrees Can Boost Your Career

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years, you’ll have probably noticed that more and more people are going to university. Most end up studying at traditional higher education institutions, the kind that requires regular visits to the classroom and face-to-face contact with lecturers and professors. But for many people, it’s…

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  • How To Straighten Your Teeth

    How To Straighten Your Teeth

    Rewind to 3 years ago... I'm sat there at home debating whether I should do something with my teeth. My teeth never really bothered me before, and even though they obviously weren't the straightest (or cleanest) it was something that didn't really knock my confidence. As a naive teenager I got offered braces for free…

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  • Choosing The Right Gift For Your Partner

    Choosing The Right Gift For Your Partner

    The right gift for your partner is out there. But where is it and how can you get your paws on it? Choosing the right gift can be challenging at times, whether it is Christmas, a birthday, or a simple thank you gesture. These events are the best times to spoil them rotten, but pressure…

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  • 5 Ways You’re Wasting Money On Clothing

    5 Ways You’re Wasting Money On Clothing

    A lot of men say that you need money to look good, thinking the difference between a stylish man and an unstylish man is the size of his bank account... But what if I told you that you're potentially wasting money on clothing that you're already buying? I In this article I'm going to share with you…

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  • 7 Accessories Every Man Needs

    7 Accessories Every Man Needs

    If I could only have 7 accessories in my wardrobe, what would they be? I know this is going to be hard for me because I started in the menswear industry about 8 years about with a men's accessories business, a website called It doesn't exist anymore, but I remember I had a whole room full…

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  • Look After Your Beard With Claan

    Look After Your Beard With Claan

    Beards are everywhere; even Mrs. Timmerman, my neighbour, is sporting a few chin hairs these days. But enough of the world’s greatest baker of Victoria sponges, today we are talking about British handcrafted luxury beard care. Come with us to discover the finest beard oils and grooming products in Claan’s opening collection. A Journey Awakens…

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