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  • 8 Ways To Stop Negative Thoughts

    8 Ways To Stop Negative Thoughts

    When was the last time you had a negative thought? A thought of guilt, fear, self doubt, self judgement or anger? Negative thinking leads to low mood, lack of fulfilment and often depression. But how do you stop negative thoughts? Who Is This Video For? If you feel unfulfilled and lack motivation. If you can't stop thinking…

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  • Men’s Watch Brands To Look Out For In 2017

    Men’s Watch Brands To Look Out For In 2017

    They say shoes are a girls best friend, well watches come close for us men. A good watch is a vital element in any outfit and in this article I showcase 4 men's watch brands to look out for in 2017. When looking to invest in a new watch it's very easy to stick with the…

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  • 3 Ways To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

    3 Ways To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

    It’s very easy for romance to fade as relationships develop, with that ‘flame’ often slowing fading. A night of passion can quickly turn into TV then bed, nights alone and even sleeping in separate rooms. But what can you do to spice things up in the bedroom? If romance in the bedroom is non-existent in…

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  • Is A Hair Replacement Worth It?

    Is A Hair Replacement Worth It?

    Whenever we launch an article or video related to men's hairstyles we always get a lot of engagement. Hair is something us men (whether we like to admit it or not) pay a lot of attention too. But what happens if you're losing it? What do you do when you're starting to lose that hair…

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  • Win An iPad Mini With House of Fraser

    Win An iPad Mini With House of Fraser

    Want to win a 16gb iPad Mini worth £220? Well you've landed on the right page. To celebrate the release of House of Fraser's new workwear collection (The Palmer Commuter Suit by Skopes) we've teamed up to give one lucky reader the chance to win an iPad mini. Before we talk about the potential prize…

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  • How To Deal With Hair Loss As A Man

    How To Deal With Hair Loss As A Man

    Goldilocks will always be the Queen of hair. But when it comes to us men, where do we turn to? Short, back and sides has had its day, and let’s not mention the mullet any further than this point. But in a society where baldness is synonymous with insecurity and old-age for some, how does…

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  • Look Good For Less: £100 H&M Menswear Haul

    Look Good For Less: £100 H&M Menswear Haul

    One of the biggest challenges men face when improving the way they dress is lack of funds. Not being able to afford bespoke suits, expensive outerwear and even your favourite brands is tough... but lacking funds isn't an excuse to dress poorly. Why? How much money have you spent on clothing, footwear and accessories over…

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  • 5 Thing To Look For While Choosing Your Sportswear

    5 Thing To Look For While Choosing Your Sportswear

    Fashion and clothing are crucial not only in everyday life or office but even while doing sports too. Right fit, shoes and other general stuff you might consider being not so important, can turn out to be one of the essential things which can either improve or ruin your sports routine. In order to know…

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  • Unique Gift Ideas for Christmas

    Unique Gift Ideas for Christmas

    Christmas is usually a time we relate to big meals, cold winter, thick sweaters and snow, but this time around, we bring you a unique selection of gift ideas that will make you feel that this season is the most stylish, relaxing and luxurious of them all. Start with a Cashmere Check Dressing Gown by Nottingham…

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  • 4 Ways To Wear A Suit

    4 Ways To Wear A Suit

    The suit is a staple in any mans wardrobe, even if your day to day dress code doesn't dictate wearing a suit. Although it's one of the most important purchases it's also one of the costliest, making most men avoid buying a suit altogether. The issue is we often fail to realise how versatile the suit…

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