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  • How To Roll Your Shirt Sleeves

    How To Roll Your Shirt Sleeves

    Sounds like a pretty basic skill right? Every man knows how to roll their sleeves. We thought that too until we saw the the amount of daily searches it gets online. You see there isn't just one way to roll your shirt sleeves and we wanted to highlight 4 simple but stylish folds. * Neat…

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  • Introducing William Henry – Luxury Gifts For Men

    Introducing William Henry – Luxury Gifts For Men

    We all know that boys (and some very cool women) love their toys, but William Henry plays in a whole different ball game. The American brand is devoted to luxury accessories with a vision and passion for high-end products. They offer award-winning pocketknives and high-quality, unique jewelry made from kevlar, steel, titanium, silver and even carbon fiber.…

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  • Popular Student’s Looks of Summer 2016

    Popular Student’s Looks of Summer 2016

    A stylish youngster will always be in the center of attention, attracting every lady’s glance and encouraging girls to make the first move. There are several ways how to both look fashionable and not spend much money. Students know it the best. Though you do not have to pay for college essay help now or…

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  • Top Tips For Getting The Perfect Beard

    Top Tips For Getting The Perfect Beard

    Although women have numerous options for styling their look in multiple ways, men have more limited options.  But, many guys have tried experimenting with their beard – a trending style statement that’s quickly emerging. From maintaining the perfect shape to getting the trimming just right, it’s actually easier than you may think to achieve the…

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  • Introducing Plus 2 Clothing – Style For Tall Men

    Introducing Plus 2 Clothing – Style For Tall Men

    Introducing Plus 2 Clothing, an Australian menswear label that specialises in clothing solutions for the tall and slim. If you find yourself struggling to find tops that have enough length for your torso than you could well be in luck. Featuring a range of tall t shirts, pull-overs and hooded jumpers that cater to men…

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  • Introducing The COLLECTR Hoody

    Introducing The COLLECTR Hoody

    COLLECTR is a California-based lifestyle apparel brand which has launched a crowdfunding campaign to release a new awesome Hoodie. In an age where gadgets get all the hype, the concept for the Hoodie is to focus on the basics.  What makes it awesome is that the brand is keeping it simple with style.  Founded in 2011 with…

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  • 6 Tips For The Best Undershirt

    6 Tips For The Best Undershirt

    Gone are the days when undershirts were worn only by seniors or has-been rappers - every man should wear an undershirt. Why? Undershirts keep your appearance in check (no sweat pits or deodorant stains) and your shirts are guaranteed to last longer. They’re an essential for the professional gentleman. People tend to avoid undershirts for…

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