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  • Introducing The New Ralph Lauren RL Automotive Timepieces

    Introducing The New Ralph Lauren RL Automotive Timepieces

    At MFM we're big fans of watches and the elegance they bring, and we're always on the hunt for new timepieces to showcase. Ralph Lauren are a key brand in the watch marketplace, and they're expanding their Automotive collection with five new watches. The inspiration for the collection comes from Ralph Lauren's own 1938 Bugatti…

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  • What The Modern Man Wears On His Wrists

    What The Modern Man Wears On His Wrists

    Regardless of where we are or what time of the day it may be, a piece of jewellery can often be the missing part of the style puzzle. Following on from our recent blog piece on wearing jewellery, we thought we’d cover just what the modern man is deciding to wear on his wrists. Nowadays,…

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  • 30 Years In The Making – The Nike Air Jordan

    30 Years In The Making – The Nike Air Jordan

    You've heard of the Air Jordan right? One of the most iconic sneakers to date, and a sneaker with great history. The Air Jordan changed the sneaker game forever back when it launches in 1985, and since then Nike has released more than 30 different version of the iconic trainer. Consistently innovating with the design…

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  • Celebrities With Menswear Collections

    Celebrities With Menswear Collections

    Fashion is so often driven by key trendsetters in celebrity culture, with icons like James Dean whose styles are so widespread they’re hard to avoid, from the catwalk to posters like these. It’s little surprise, then, that famous men have been clamouring to create their very own fashion brands, especially over the last decade or…

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  • Top 5 James Bond Outfits

    Top 5 James Bond Outfits

    As well as being one of the silver screen’s most legendary figures, James Bond is also one of its most stylish – something we are seeing once again in new film Spectre. Bond has the ideal attire for everything from dressing to impress to going undercover as part of his mission and these are his…

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  • Would You Have Your Hair Removed?

    Would You Have Your Hair Removed?

    Our personal relationship with body hair changes all the time, whether you’re a man or a woman. But what has remained pretty constant throughout the years is that generally, body hair on a woman is considered unsightly, and it is considered acceptable, even attractive on men. The Traditional Gender Roles Women have traditionally engaged in…

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  • How To Play and Look The Part at Poker Tournament

    How To Play and Look The Part at Poker Tournament

    If you know your poker, then clearly you understand the importance of wearing the right gear. Your poker garb doesn’t just have to look good, it can be used to confuse, intimidate, and bring you good luck. It’s when you stop looking at your clothes as fashion, and see them as a tactic, that you…

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  • What Jewellery Should Men Wear?

    What Jewellery Should Men Wear?

    Diamonds are a girls best friend, but what is it for a guy? Sure brown shoes and a suit are up there, but what jewellery should men consider investing in? From rings to bracelets, necklaces to cufflinks the options are endless, but in todays article we want to offer an insight into what to look…

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