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  • A Decade In Fashion: The 1950’s

    A Decade In Fashion: The 1950’s

    As we continue to jump from decade to decade each week, we begin to see an evolution in how men have dressed. This time we head right into the 1950’s where style was a lot more relaxed and the idea of celebrity began to influence how people dressed. The 1950’s saw the influence of the…

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  • Blue Suit

    Blue Suit

    Sometimes navy and neutral coloured suits get boring, so investing in a coloured suit can look extremely stylish like this blue suit worn by a stylish gent.

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  • Wardrobe Essentials: The Raincoat

    Wardrobe Essentials: The Raincoat

    For every wardrobe essentials article we do, we very rarely punctuate the necessity of a product in relation to practicality. Normally our version of essential is a manifestation of style and our need for an iconic piece to be a part of our wardrobes. Very rare is the occasion where style and necessity are bonded…

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  • A Decade In Fashion: The 1940’s

    A Decade In Fashion: The 1940’s

    In the third part of our feature series looking at different decade’s in fashion, it is now the turn of the 1940’s to be fashionably analysed. Men’s fashion in the 40’s enjoyed what some may consider its last great hurrah in true gentlemanly style and elegance. It was an era that initially began with practical…

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  • Mens Fashion Basics : Sweaters

    Mens Fashion Basics : Sweaters

    While menswear may have a deep-rooted tendency towards the more formal side of things, a man’s casual wardrobe is just as important in defining how stylish he may or may not be. In fact it’s often casualwear where a man is able to put an individual stamp on his looks and really begin to define…

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  • A Decade In Fashion: The 1930’s

    A Decade In Fashion: The 1930’s

    Following on from last week’s ‘a decade in fashion’, we move on to the 1930’s where a dramatic change in men’s fashion was about to take place due to the start of the Great Depression in 1929. The 30’s also welcomed a return to a more stable economy in the decade’s later years which in…

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  • COS Lookbook AW’13

    COS Lookbook AW’13

    The Swedish brand is back with their latest lookbook showcasing their Autumn/Winter 13 collection. The collection seems to ooze contemporary silhouettes with block shapes and box like pattern cutting. Clean lines are fluid throughout with sharp tailored trousers and smart tailored coats. COS create elongated silhouettes with high hems on blazers and slim fitting– darted…

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  • A Decade In Fashion: The 1920’s

    A Decade In Fashion: The 1920’s

    It has become a constant expectation in fashion that certain decades and trends repeat themselves through the seasons on a regular basis. This series of articles aims to look at men’s fashion throughout those different decades and take a look at how they shaped fashion today, looking at the styles of days gone by and…

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  • Wardrobe Essentials: Bags

    Wardrobe Essentials: Bags

    As we go about our daily business wandering around performing errand after errand, we forget about the importance of a good quality bag and how we can often take it for granted. If you start to take note and look around you, you will begin to see that the majority of men now carry some…

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  • Wardrobe Essentials: Sunglasses

    Wardrobe Essentials: Sunglasses

    It has now become that time of year when the sun shines bright and we all start wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes and obviously to look cool as well. Here at MFM it is clear that we all take great pride in our appearance, which means that making sure we find the right pieces…

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