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  • Mens Fashion Basics: The Polo Neck Jumper

    Mens Fashion Basics: The Polo Neck Jumper

    A favourite here at MFM, the polo neck jumper is gracing us with its presence this season. Reminiscent of the 60’s, you should defiantly be looking at implementing a polo neck jumper into your wardrobe. It doesn’t offer the styling opportunities that the sweater does, which we covered recently here , but if worn correctly can…

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  • 5 Ways To Wear Camo Print

    5 Ways To Wear Camo Print

    The Camouflage print trend is still huge right now. We looked at it last year here and it is still appearing in high street and high end stores alike. But can you wear it without looking like you've just walked out of Army Cadets? Yes! If you don’t overdo this print and choose key items you can rock…

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  • The History Of Denim – Denim Through The Decades

    The History Of Denim – Denim Through The Decades

    Denim is a wardrobe staple for most people these days. In the age of casual Fridays, denim is no longer reserved just for weekends or dirty work ware. Though the original denim producers were Levi, brands like Wrangler and LEE began to compete with the denim trade, and towards the end of the 20th century…

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  • 5 Exercises To A New You

    5 Exercises To A New You

    We've often heard the line 'minimum effective dose', meaning what's the least amount you can do, to get the most reward. Here at Mens Fashion Magazine, we constantly get emails from people about what they have to do, to transform their physique. I've gone through a selection of these emails, and scoured my gym-repertoire in…

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  • Style Staple – Mens Bags

    Style Staple – Mens Bags

    It’s a nightmare. The amount of guys we see opting for slim fit trousers but then stuffing their pockets to create random bulges is huge. Why ruin a stylish look by stuffing your pockets? The simple addition of a bag will remove this style mishap, and will add masculinity to your look. In today’s short…

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  • Award Winning Style

    Award Winning Style

    Red carpets are being rolled out, stylists are working overtime and Hollywood’s glamorous are pulling out all the stops; award season is well and truly underway.  We are half way through the season with the Golden Globes and SAG Awards already displaying an incredible range of talent, continuing on with the BAFTAs and then topping…

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  • Style Staple: The Bomber Jacket

    Style Staple: The Bomber Jacket

    Rich in military heritage, originally worn by air-force pilots during World War One, the bomber jacket has since evolved into a perennial style piece. With its minimalist androgynous structure, the bomber jacket too gained iconic status in the masculine realm of sports, popularly worn by baseball players and varsity teams alike. Traditionally a symbol of…

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  • Winter Weather Style Guide

    Winter Weather Style Guide

    Being British is usually associated with being traditional, and this can be a wonderful thing until you consider how traditional our British weather is right now. At this particular moment in time the weather is having what can only be described as a multitude of miserable personalities. It has been raining so heavily that swimming…

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  • Style Icon: Jake Bugg

    Style Icon: Jake Bugg

    He may not seem like a typical style icon at first glance, but once you take in his rustic, urban look, and look beneath his long floppy hair, you will find all of this seasons major trends. Famous at the tender age of 18 for his unique voice, and number one hit ‘Lightning Bolt’, Jake…

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  • Mens Fashion Basics: Shirt Detailing

    Mens Fashion Basics: Shirt Detailing

    Sometimes it’s the subtle and small details that create the biggest impact and give that quirky and unique edge to your style. Here at MFM we want you to be able embrace and express your unique and individual style, and hopefully give you a push forward in the right direction of how to do this…

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