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  • How To Wear The White Suit

    How To Wear The White Suit

    There comes a time where wearing a black suit every day to work or to an event can be very repetitive. White suits have been timeless throughout the ages and is a great statement. However many men do not venture into wearing white suits in the fear of looking too showy or in your face,…

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  • Re-Introducing Mr. Timberlake

    Re-Introducing Mr. Timberlake

    The world of manufactured music is always churning out new pop stars and teen icons for the masses to worship and adore, but when a pop veteran reappears to reclaim his throne the world sits back and takes notice. Absent from the music scene for five years, Justin Timberlake has made a welcome return to…

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  • Key 2013 Trend: Printed Shirts

    Key 2013 Trend: Printed Shirts

    The New Year has come around quickly, shortly followed by New Year’s resolutions. Whether they be to hit the gym more often, or actually sign up for a membership this year, we are all looking for a new ‘something’ to mix things up in 2013, and with that comes a trend that is guaranteed to…

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  • Mens Fashion Trend: Dyed Clothing

    Mens Fashion Trend: Dyed Clothing

    Tie-dye t-shirts still reminds me of the psychedelic 60’s era – but for 2013 its been reborn; and it isn’t just tie-dye that is going to be in the stores over the next few months, we will see lots more experiments with dyes and use of colour such as the popular and my personal favourite…

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  • Style Icon: Douglas Booth

    Style Icon: Douglas Booth

    Douglas Booth is a relatively new addition to the world of film and he is already having an impact not only here in the UK but across the pond in America too. Born and bred in London in 1992, Douglas Booth is quintessentially British with an already popular public persona and thus becoming a style…

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  • Mens Fashion Trend: Animal Print

    Mens Fashion Trend: Animal Print

    Fashion weeks of the past have often featured a week of womenswear and a day of menswear.  However, in recent years we have seen a burgeoning increase in the interest for men’s fashion.  Now that menswear is starting to dominate the Fashion Calendar (with bi annual fashion weeks of their own) it would appear that…

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  • Spring Fashion: Pastels

    Spring Fashion: Pastels

    When it comes round to the Spring/Summer season you can expect a flash of light colours across the catwalks, and 2013 is taking this trend on the chin. The pastel trend is an easy one to cover, as you can embrace the style through your whole outfit, or through a touch of soft coloured accessories.…

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  • Summer Smart Casual

    Summer Smart Casual

    When the warmer season hits, we tend to neglect the smart element of style and just chuck on anything thats light and relaxed fitting. This look shows you how to be smart in the summer.

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