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  • Mens Fashion Basics: Chinos

    Mens Fashion Basics: Chinos

    This time last year, my view of chinos was reduced to a grown up alternative of jeans: the typical light cotton trousers that a well off 40-something man would wear to weekend in the country side. Dogs and summer estates, flowery fields and Sunday roast with the children was my thought association with the item.…

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  • Mens Fashion Trend: Vintage

    Mens Fashion Trend: Vintage

    People often frown at vintage clothing. Especially us gents, we don't like wearing used or second hand clothing and we sometimes think it affects our masculinity if we don't buy brand new garments. Today at MFM, we're going to be looking at the vintage fashion trend this season, and ways we can implement vintage clothing…

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  • Style Icon: David Gandy

    Style Icon: David Gandy

    Most people will recognise Mr Gandy and his white swimming trunks from Dolce & Gabbana’s light blue ad campaign but this super model from Essex is flying the flag for British fashion and fast becoming a style icon in the making. I suppose to me and many others he’s a bit of a hero. He’s…

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  • 10 Reasons To Train In The Morning

    10 Reasons To Train In The Morning

    Today at MFM, we're going to be covering something different. We tend to focus solely on clothing and ways to enhance your personal style, but keeping in shape is also highly important. With a huge focus to improve personal style being on the fit of the clothing, keeping in physical shape will also enhance your…

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  • What To Wear To A Spring Wedding

    What To Wear To A Spring Wedding

    Now, I don’t know about you but, personally, I love a good wedding. Free cake aside, the most exciting part for me is deciding on what to wear and conveniently, I’m going to one this weekend. Being an overly organised female, naturally I had my outfit planned and bought by the end of January but…

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  • Style Icon: Labrinth

    Style Icon: Labrinth

    Timothy McKenzie, or Labrinth as he is better known by, has almost come out of nowhere and unusually stepped straight in around the top of the long list of celebrity style icon. He’s one piece to a large musical family. He has four brothers and four sisters, and has said, "We've grown up with music……

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  • SS12 Fashion Trend: Pastel Colours

    SS12 Fashion Trend: Pastel Colours

    Summer arrives and it's normally a time to remove the monochromatic clothing from your wardrobe and opt towards brighter, colourful hues. We see the transition between darker tones to brighter tones, such as burgundy to bright red, navy to electric blue and beige to bright yellow. Summer is a great time for colour blocking and…

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  • Style Icon: Lapo Elkann

    Style Icon: Lapo Elkann

    Something that many fashion conscious men struggle to effectively deploy is eccentricity. Too often it is the case that a pair of yellow shoes or purple corduroys ruin a perfectly good outfit. Such bids are often attempts to stand out from the crowd, but it takes a great deal of style and confidence to execute…

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