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  • Style Icon: James Franco

    Style Icon: James Franco

    To be great and powerful is a dream most of us aspire to be, and for James Franco this becomes a visually spectacular reality with the March 2013 release of his new film ‘Oz: The great and powerful’. In it he plays a magician who finds himself in the wonderful Land of Oz where he…

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  • How To Gain Will Power

    How To Gain Will Power

    Indulgence is a human characteristic we could all do without. Oscar Wilde once said: " I can deny anything but temptation." When it comes to achieving your individual goals in fitness and weight loss, it's important to deny temptation at every turn Our lack of willpower forces us into a spiral of self-fulfilling prophecy and…

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  • Designer Focus: Christopher Shannon

    Designer Focus: Christopher Shannon

    With London named fashion capital of the world for the second year running earlier in 2012, it’s no surprise that the city plays host to a who’s who of emerging design talent. From the androgynous delights of J.W. Anderson to the bonkers but brilliant Sibling and Sister by Sibling, London (incase you didn’t get the…

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  • Introducing TukTuk

    Introducing TukTuk

    Another brand was bought to our attention this week, and it was only right we gave it the attention it deserves. We want to introduce TukTuk, a brand which specialises in accessories and high quality clothing. The brands primary inspirations come from their surroundings. Taking inspiration from the wonderful colours, tastes, scents and personalities of South…

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  • AW12 Essentials: Desert Boots

    AW12 Essentials: Desert Boots

    While we all sit at home mulling over the Radio Times waiting for the big day that (dare I say it) is Christmas, we also cry a little bit inside to see that the summer/spring essentials have been pushed to the back of the wardrobe. Those items we have been bonding with for the past…

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  • What To Wear To The Christmas Party

    What To Wear To The Christmas Party

    The decision is a tough one. You work with the same people 5 days a week and you're normally tied to wearing a uniform. When the christmas party season arrives, it's your time to impress and your time to really express yourself and your values.

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  • Mens Style In The 1920s

    Mens Style In The 1920s

    In today's article, we take a look at men's fashion in the 1920's and how we can take influence from it's key elements. With ‘Boardwalk Empire’ captivating the nation and Baz Lurman’s much anticipated Hollywood adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ release looming, the twenties have well and truly influenced the world of…

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  • 5 Mens Winter Essentials

    5 Mens Winter Essentials

    The leaves are falling off the trees and everyone is switching on their heaters this winter. UK winters seem to last a lifetime and the lack of vitamin D can really take a toll on someone’s mood and ability to feel good. Many might say that it’s impossible to look good when it's minus something…

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  • Mens Fashion Basics: The Turtleneck

    Mens Fashion Basics: The Turtleneck

    With Christmas soon approaching, layering is the only option to keep warm in the occasional snow storm. Catwalks have seen the ‘outrageously oversized’ style being continuously recycled from season to season and winter isn’t about to break the habit. Designers from Antonio Azzuolo to retailers Ben Sherman, are embracing this style changer. The turtleneck offers…

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