10 Quirkiest Hotels To Stay Over This Spring

Arty, avant-garde or plain eccentric, these hotels are sure to offer a memorable hospitality experience with a unique touch:

1. Rough Luxe London UK


Can it be “derelict luxury” or “poetic grunge?” – These are some of the first associations that run through mind upon entering this Georgian building in London’s Kings Cross. Either way, this unconventional mix has resulted in utterly charismatic space, where weathered walls reveal their age with remains of faded wallpaper and rich textures of peeled off paint, shabby upholstery of vintage furniture is offset by crisp linen sheets and eclectic selection of historical and contemporary artworks creates an atmospheric vibe of nostalgic decadence.

image 1

2.  Blow Up Hall 5050, Poznan Poland


Art and business are not mutually exclusive as proven by this impressively renovated brewery, which hosts frequent art and fashion events and now houses two shopping malls, a free art gallery, and, of course the hotel itself named after a 1966 film by Michelangelo Antonioni. One of its unique features is a stark lobby designed by digital artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer which doubles an art installation, not to mention the keyless check-in process using an iPhone which hotel guests are free to use during their entire stay.

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3. The Exchange Hotel Amsterdam Netherlands


As the name suggests, the Exchange hotel is a refreshing blend of fashion, art and design in the historical centre of Amsterdam. Refurbished by the local fashion institute’s graduates, each room projects a unique point of view and is reminiscent of either of a couture studio or an artist’s sketchbook. Rustic linen, furniture pieces “dressed” in fabric, hanging cords, line drawings on the walls all contribute to the DIY feel and free artistic spirit this boutique hotel stands for.

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4. Silken Puerta América, Madrid Spain


Some of the world’s leading architects come together in this unique and unprecedented hotel concept, where each of its twelve floors has been exclusively designed by the likes of David Chipperfield, Ron Arad, Marc Newson and Zaha Hadid. Even such neutral functional areas as corridors have been turned into creative experiential spaces, the focal points of attention. Entering each level allows guests to tap into the architect’s mind, so one can immerse in an atmosphere of the Architecture Biennale or Design Expo without exiting the hotel building.

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5. La Maison Champs Élysées by Maison Martin Margiela, Paris France


Formerly known as Maison des Centraliens located right in the heart of Paris, La Maison Chamsps Élysées has now been transformed into a luxury boutique hotel as a result of a fruitful collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela, a Belgian fashion house famous for its avant-garde vision. The choice is not surprising given the fact that merging classical with the contemporary in the most unexpected ways is at the core of brand’s DNA. Seemingly laconic décor projects an air of understated luxury and abounds with clever surrealist touches. Historical detailing alludes to the building’s illustrious past, while glass walls, prism lighting feature in the futuristic hallway, black and white prints of the moldings, used as decorations, all contribute to the sense of an optical illusion creating another altered reality.

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6. Treehotel Hardas Sweden


Fancy living a high life without the skyscrapers? Then the Treehotel is for you. Inspired by the synonymous film “The Tree Lover” by Jonas Selberg, the concept is centered around the idea of getting back to nature without sacrificing on civilized comforts. Perched around 4-6 meters above the ground amongst the wilderness of Scandinavian boreal forests, each “treeroom” boasts unique architecture and uncompromising views of the local Lule River and soaring pines.  The latest eco-sustainability practices and advancements are at the heart of the design, although the most striking feature is the appearance of each cabin. Such names as “The Bird’s Nest”, “The UFO” and “The Mirrorcube” speak for themselves and confirm once again that this is not your average tree house.

image 6

7. Art Louise Hotel, Berlin Germany


Beautifully eccentric and uncanny, Art Louise hotel offers unique opportunity to literally “sleep inside an artwork” with fifty of its rooms being designed by fifty different artists with the styles ranging from Kitsch influences, Pop Art, Postmodernism to contemporary art. After having explored the room amenities, one can ponder about the meaning of life and art by contemplating some of the quotes inscribed along the “philosopher’s stairway”. Arranged in three sections, they ultimately lead to colourfully psychedelic and inviting mansard on the top floor.

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 8. Town @ House Street Milan Italy


What can be expected from an abandoned retail store conversion into a boutique hotel? – A funky creative space with an industrial touch. At least that is what we can see in bustling metropolitan centre of Milan with four self-contained “hospitality spaces”, where the concepts of exterior and interior are being reversed. Upon entering their room via direct street access, the guests find themselves in yet another “urban” space surrounded by cityscape wallpapers, street art elements and neon lights. There is no need for reception lobby, hence reduced maintenance costs. This clever urban rejuvenation concept is set to spread in other megapoli around the world.

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9. The Seven Hotel, Paris France


This Parisian hotel aims to defy gravity and reintroduces luxury in a completely new weightless state. Trendy standard rooms featuring levitating beds, suspended baths and fiber optics are designed to set your mind and senses adrift. There are also seven themed suits on offer, among which is a hi-tech On/Off suit which changes appearance at the push of a button, mysteriously dark Black Diamond Suite with Swarovski encrusted bathtub and basin, and James Bond Suite with retro-futuristic décor to name a few.

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10. Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore


If you are into graphic arts, then Wanderlust is for you. Conveniently located in Little India, it is literally a concoction of contemporary styles and influences, ranging from industrial hi-tech to eccentric. Three themed floors designed by award-winning architecture studios allow guests to immerse in intensity of one of Pantone’s shades, find themselves inside a Pop Art drawing or have an adventurous experience in one of the “whimsical” suits, filled with exaggerated details and anime-style settings.

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