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Saturday 26th July 2014,
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Wardrobe Essentials: The Check Shirt
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First things first, I know readers of this article will already own a check shirt; I also know you may well be asking why does such an item of clothing need an article written about [...]

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The Art of Sprezzatura
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Let’s talk about the art of sprezzatura. What the bloody hell is sprezzatura, I hear you ask. Sprezzatura is originally an Italian term, which would best translate as a sort of beautiful dishevelment; the art [...]

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Red Wing Post Edition 1 Launched
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At MFM we love all kinds of news on men’s fashion. Red Wing are the same, creating their annual post to keep up to date with their exciting endeavours. [...]


  • Black for Mysterious
  • The Subtle Patterned Shorts
  • A Hat Focus
  • Floral Trousers
  • A Vintage Touch
  • Blue & Brown Combo
  • All You Need Is Floral
  • Runway Inspiration


Do You Have A Fear Of Missing Out?
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Having lived in London for the past three or so years, I have found myself facing an infuriating issue on an almost weekly, if not daily basis. Most of my weeks start with a remarkably [...]